Paying for body armour??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cdo_gunner, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. A yank with a nephew in the guards just asked the following question over on another forum i frequent.

    Ok i've been out a few years but is his nephew winding him up or what?

  2. This lad is 18 and already a sniper? Every place I've been body armour has been issued.
  3. Sniper or not, his body armour is standard issue. He may well have enquired if there is better on the market, but he will be issued body armour prior to his tour.

  4. :? I thought an 18 year old sniper was called a WALT... do they do sniping just after field craft in guards basic these days? :? :roll:
  5. they may have handed him the lsw and he has swallowed the lie that its a
    sort of sniper weapon thing now :lol: .
    There was a case of a qa having to pay for plates as they werent issused to her but she signed for them not knowing what they were :roll: sounds a bit odd.
  6. Sounds like some kind of scam by the 'sniper'.
  7. Does doesn't it CP.

    Couple of people questioned the 18, sniper bit and he replied:-

    let you all know what and if he replies.