Paying for batmen

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Future_officer, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone.

    I recently passed RCB - it was easy, god knows what the fuss is all about - and I have recently received a letter from Sandbags discussing report dates and such.

    My question is this - how much do batmen cost? I've had a look at how much we get paid and I'm a little concerned at being able to pay my man, even though he's a lower rank and probably delighted to be doing the job and getting some gambling money. My Mother and Father have said I must pay for my own man.

    Is there an acceptable minimum that we can pay them?

    Help gratefully received. MAny thanks!
  2. FFS,thought this was about Freddy Flintoff.£25 AN HOUR to you Toff,just above minimum wage.
  3. Thank you for a response.

    £25? But the minimum wage (over 22) is £5.05, rising to £5.35. That's why I'd been keen to get a Private soldier as they are younger and cost less.
  4. this is a wah

    I bit!

    -to other arrsers not all we PO's are like this -
  5. Wait till you get there and you'll soon find one even among the other officer cadets. There's one there now, none of whose family have ever got any cash in their pockets. He might be glad of the chance to earn a few thousand in the run up to Christmas. I'm not sure of his name, can anyone help?
  6. I come from a long line of Batman, we've have batted for many officers including Horatio Nelson.. my price 37k per annum
  7. FO, I hope sincerely this is a wah, or you are going to nice cosy household division/cav regiment where your ego will be protected from reality.

    If you pass sandhurst and you're going to an inf regt, please post the time and date you will be meeting your PSgt so we can look for justifiable homicide reports in the papers.

    On a more practical side, if you are expecting to have a batman, but do not have a private income, forget it, unless you get posted to a decent third world nation which has good quality domestic staff.
  8. Thank you Cuddles.

    I am joining the King's Royal Hussars.
  9. Hilarious !
  10. I believe he is being posted to a front line Hezbollah Regiment where he will be supplied with two israeli batteredmen!!!!!
  11. A class thread. It deserves to run and run.
  12. FO I can get a support train of Chinese just in case your batman is actually useless. That way you wouldn't have to pay him much at all as he would be more of a figurehead. Payment for the Chinese would be in you introducing me to polite society, which has always facinated me in a peering in through the windows sort of way.
  13. Obviously a wind up from an old user, as he called "smallbrownprivates", "cuddles" (they share the same pic).
  14. The lobster earns his amazing title yet again.
  15. Ahem, you are not only possessed of a weak sense of humour but poor observational skills. You should have proffered your thanks to samllbrownprivates - same Avatar, different sort of cove.

    Still luckily you are going to the cavalry...