paying for barrack damages

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by JOHN982, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. can anyone clear this problem up for me please! i was on squadron parade today ready for knock off an the sqms asked for £5 off all living in soldiers for block damages. i asked what the damages were an were told that its for a fire door that got blown off its hinges (not my corridor) also 3 room keys have been replaced (not my key or any rooms on my corridor)i refused and was told i would have to pay surely this can't be right why should i pay any money for damages i didn't do .would the co pay for scratches to my car even though he didn't do it !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Was fire door left open in a public area or had it been reported as insecure?

    Surely whoever lost the keys he signed for replaced/paid for them when they were lost?

    How many kids does the SQMS have, its nearly Xmas you know!!
  3. I speak from personal experiance here. They can't MAKE you pay anything unless they can prove its you. However they can't make you pay sqn subs/regt subs/cpl mess bill/ Christmas functions etc etc but strangely enough they always do.
  4. I don't think they can make you pay, but then you probably will...

    The clowns at Leccy tried that when I was their - never did pay for it.Although they did it at my last unit - everybody had to pay for cutlery... Which had the knock on effect of people stealing cutlery back that they had paid for!
  5. Without being very dull about it, this is totally unlawful for a variety of very good reasons. I reckon you shouldn't beat about the bush and just tell us which Squadron this is... ;)
  6. Tell him that you're not paying. You are under no legal obligation to do so. Neither are any of the other 'tenants' in your accommodation. If he is alleging the theft of the keys and criminal damage to the door, he should be reporting that to RMP. If someone has lost keys, he should get off his f*ckwit G4 arrse and raise a bill against the occupants of the rooms in question, but he knows that he'll have difficulty in doing that so he takes the old school attitude of billing everyone. If there's no evidence that you are responsible don't even consider signing anything.

    You do not need to pay for any of this and if he leans on you, report him. If you pay up, it makes his life easy. Maybe if he'd done his job the loss/damages would have been established earlier and he may have been able to identify those reponsible.

    Barrack room damages? F*ck him. If he's so concerned,give it its proper name...criminal damage...and get the fuzz in. He sounds like a right dipshit.
  7. Brilliant.
  8. well it's 3 squadron 8 transport regiment .they most think we are complete morons an don't really have anything better to spend our money on. it was actually the 2ic who started all the s%*t firstly. well im not gonna pay regardless .
  9. Just don't get shirty with them, you don't want trouble where there shouldn't be any in the first place. Don't go round arrsing it about either. When they ask you to sign anything (if they ask for cash I'd get suspicious), simply decline, stating that you won't be signing for what you have no responsibility for. Leave it at that. Don't make it look like you're are trying to get one over on them, as the original matter will suddenly not appear so important and the knives will be out for you.

    Above all mate, don't pay. Watch your pay statements as well, as it's not unknown for some stupid arrse to 'sign on your behalf' If there are any deductions from you wage in the future, take it to the SIB. Don't f*ck about.
  10. If the fire door was damaged through somebody being malicious then that person or persons can be charged for the said damage otherwise the damage is logged in the SQMS barrack damage book and reported to the Accom Stores at the QM's and fixed, he can't just charge anybody unless he has proof. Ref the keys the SQMS should check everybody in the Accom block has got their key if they haven't then they can be charged as long as he has a signature, if he has lost them then he should be charged for the keys.
  11. Lost keys are a nightmare, if its union keys, got to know the guy in town so well we were on first name terms after 4 months. Moral of the story always have a spare hiding in your wallet. As to £5 a head nope should not happen thats why there is a static pioneer on camp to repair certain jobs for a crate of lager.
  12. Without digging out Mat Regs (JSP 336 Vol 12) I seem to remember that a charge can be levied against a group of people for damages to accomodation if it is not possible to identify those responsible for the damage. If the individuals can be identified then they are billed.

    I had a good look at this whilst at SEME Bordon as the soldiers in my platoon were being billed a stupid amount for damages to accn, even those who had just arrived from Arborfield. The long and short of it was, the QM and Paymaster dug out the regs and showed us that they could do it. We (The Sgts) were not happy at all, but we had to collect the money from the soldiers. Maybe the regs have changed now (this was 1999/2000) - I hope so.
  13. Thanks Nige. Doesnt sound as if the requirements for imposing a collective deduction have been met in this case:

    Mat Regs (JSP 336 Vol 12) para 2411:

  14. Is this what the forces are turning into.....a bunch of whingeing civilians in uniform?? Everyone banging on about their rights? Quote this Reg! Quote that! Amazing really, when this site is filled on a daily basis with criticism of civvies and their weird ways.

    You, and the posters supporting you sound like a bunch of barrack room lawyers, or worse still a coven of whingeing civvies.

    The rules are simple: Discipline yourselves or someone will discipline you!

    Pay up or bugger off if you don't like it. That's my advice.
  15. Come off it mate. When some one is trying to do one over on you then complain about it! He's not being a whingeing civy, his sticking up for himslef. Just because you're a soldier doesn't mean you've got to bend over and take when the 2IC or QM starts getting stupid ideas.

    T C