Paying for a replacement Guidon/Colours

A question from another thread on here, my regiment had to replace the Guidon in 89 after 20 years and we, the troops, had to pay for it. It was stopped out of our pay for about 2 years.

Has anyone else had to buy theirs whilst serving? Or does our ex RQMSs villa in Spain speak for itself?
You've been had, mate.
I have received 2x sets of new Colours while serving with different battalions and have never been asked to pay anything towards the cost of the actual Colours.
oldnotbold said:
I thought they were on the G1098, or whatever it's called these days
Wonder if it's just a Cavalry thing? I'll put a link into the RAC bit and see if we were the only d1ckswabs.
I know we (yeomanry regimental trust) are just paying to get our guidon refurbished so the funding aspects may be a bit fuzzy. Mind you, better the trust pays than a whip round

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