Paying CILOCT in Northern Ireland?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fatherjack833, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. I have just recieved my pay statement for this month and have a query. We were told our MQ rates were going up and we lose the NIRS supplement when Op Banner ends, fair enough, so why do we have to pay £98 CILOCT when no civvies (including civil servants) have to pay Council Tax or even Water Rates over here? Where's the money going? I'm sure lots of people based in NI would love to know. :x :crash: :pissedoff:
  2. All service accommodation in England, Scotland and Wales is formally exempt from the payment of council tax but the Ministry of Defence pays instead a Contribution in Lieu of Council Tax (CILOCT) to local authorities. CILOCT is broadly equivalent to the amount of tax that would otherwise be due based on an assessment made by the Department on the number and type of properties it occupies. These are agreed annually with individual authorities.

    I can only suggest that maybe the system has now been changed to include all service accommodation in NI.

    Northern Ireland has a Domestic Rating System and not a Council Tax System.
    Did you pay Contribution in Lieu of Rates (CILOR) before? If so, was it at the same rate as you are now paying for CILOCT?
  3. Following on from pot-aussie's answer, I claim no expertise in this field but my understanding was that the Rates (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 1998, brought into force on 1 April 2000, all Crown occupiers in NI became liable to pay rates in the same way as private occupiers.

    The actual amount payable should have remained unchanged, since CILOR was based on the property's rateable value, not on a notional figure like CILOCT.

    I have not found anything to suggest that the end of Op BANNER has made any difference to rates liability.

    It is however possible, for all I know, that the Crown have been dealing with all rates payments and charging a notional figure to occupiers in a similar way to CILOCT.

    April 2000 Information Note:
  4. You pay CILOCT wherever you are in the World. A Spr in Brunei, pays the same as a SSgt in Iraq, neither of these get their bins emptied as in the UK, but they still pay the same amount as you in the UK. If they didn't you would have to pay more!!
  5. Makes sense to me, but (regarding N.I.) that's not what it says on the Army Welfare Information Service information sheet. Maybe the situation has changed again since 2006 when that was written? Not clear why the end of Op BANNER would make any difference.
  6. My Dad was talking about this just the other night. He says due to normalisation in Northern Ireland i.e. the soldiers posted there are now "supposedly" just like every other garrison throughout the UK, and therefore will lose the financial benefits enjoyed whilst on Ops and have to pay out for the same things as everywhere else which isn't Ops.