Paying CILOCT and accom twice??

I've been serving in canada for a little over a month now as temp staff and It seems my pay's gone a little loopy.
As a pad based in germany Im paying for my Qtr, garage ciloct and F/l as well as financing the feeding of the wife and kids as I would completly expect to do(no probs).
However ontop of this I am now also paying single food & accm and ciloct plus a load of arrears for the tail end of last month when I arrived here in batus.
Isn't £543.39 (Not including the £80.92 in arrears from last month) and the fact I still have 3 mouths to feed back in germany a bit on the naughty side surley It cant be that Im to pay for the accom while Im here in batus, I didn't choose to leave home without my family after all.

Anyone that would possibly know of the ins and outs of this, I would love to pick your brain, Thanks in advance.

Edited for being a spell mong!
You will have to pay food & Accn charges while you are in BATUS, you should also should be in recipet of LOA and LSA, should not be as much as you say, I belive now BATUS is PAYD. Speak to JPA on 94560 3600.

Good Luck
Yes I am receiving LOA and LSA however I just didnt think you could be charged for 2 lots of accom. otherwise wouldn't they charge you whilst on courses, tour,battlecamps etc?
oh and batus isn't PAYD well not just now anyway.
Before JPA you did not have to pay food charges, well the first 30 days anyway, but was not enforced at some units, you use to pay Unacc charges which was rougly half. Accn charges, with out looking at
JSP 754, I can not give you the correct answer, if you want me to, I can have a look for you, when I am in work, just PM and I will look.

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