Paying back an overpaid allowance.

Whilst deployed I was overpaid an allowance month after month. The onlt reason they found this out was because I queried why I was still getting it as I had been demobbed (I'm TA.) Now they're saying I owe them just over the 1k mark abd will be taking it as a lump sum.

Can they do this?

My PASO says he's trying to sort it but I'm not inclined to put too much faith in this. I've no problem paying back something I've been overpaid but don't see why I should lose everything in one hit. Is there a regulation stating what they can and can't take and if so has anyone got it to hand?

The general concensus from my admin crew is that "well, it'll just come out of your bounty." Why. Do I lose out because some thick as mince clerk entered the wrong details into the system.

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If you knew you were being overpaid then why didnt you set it aside ready for this very situation? They normally recover 4 days pay per month max for Regs not sure how it will work with the TA though.
This happens all the time alas - the only reason I was able to pay off an amount I was overpaid in installments was that the clerks admitted it was their cock up (after the 2ic intervened - he had witnessed me blowing my top, an unheard of occasion as I am famously very calm. If it was bad enough to get me pissed off it must be bad)!
Happens all the time? Oh great.

I had a bit of a chat with my SSM on tour. You know, spinning dits and theories, etc. He asked my opinion as to why some service personel struggle when they leave the forces after a long service. I pointed out that ******* things up on a regular basis is frowned upon in civvy st.

This just adds fuel to that already stoked fire.

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If you believed that you received the payment(s) in good faith, you can request, through the Case Cell at JAPC, Glasgow, to repay it back at the rate that it was awarded to you. I am curous that, as TA, how do they intend to recover the monies from your in a lump sum, given that you don't ahve a regualr pay packet.

In eaither case your RAO should be able to advise.
Years ago Int Corps Op Int & Sy Cpls were downbanded- unfortunately no one told the pay people! Despite all the regs about only taking back some at a time everyone had it taken back in one lump- the attitude was 'well you've already had the cash. It caused a lot of hardship that month. If it were one or two people fine- but an across the board **** up should have been dealt with far better.

PS the only reason we were downbanded in the first place was due to piss poor planning prior to a pay review- it was reinstated the next year. Mid level management was not impressed with the Directorate- one Major said to me (unofficially of course) that the best thing that could happen was for Cpls to PVR en masse ( but this could have been seen as sedition),

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