PAYE tax reference?

Filling out some child benefit forms and I need a PAYE tax reference. I can't see one on my pay slip and I'm away from camp so I can't just nip in and ask the clerks.

Is this a code which is generic for the Army or will it be personal to me? If it's an Army wide thing, does anyone know what it is?

Cheers in advance for any help.


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It's a generic Army one since it's designated to the employer. It'll be on your P60 rather than a pay-slip.

Don't have one handy and ArmyNet throws up nothing so can't help further unfortunately.
I believe it's the 3 numbers from the tax code followed by your service number.

eg 453/25085464

I had to fill in the same form the other week and that's what the hr staff told me to put. Iv not had anything back so I assume it's right.
See your unit HR they can bring this up on JPA. Its a different code depending on where your serve, this is because difference tax offices are responsible for different areas.
As i stated in my previous post it's the tax code minus the L and your service number. Did that and the cash came through. The even back date it 3 months. Finally got some of my taxes back.
Afternoon all, I'm just wondering if anyone could confirm that the above statement is correct re. the PAYE tax reference for the Army? Have just checked P60s back to 2006 & nothing on there. Left this year & need to fill a tax return. Many thanks in advance.
Civvymonkey is correct.

Mine is 948/WZ and then 5 numbers, my tax code is different and the numbers bear no relation to my service number. I got mine from my admin cell.

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