Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wg100, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone let me know when Nov pay is expected to hit bank accounts? Or is it on the last day of the month as per the regular army? (In which case I still haven't been paid a substantial amount owed...)
  2. got ta pay today, but wasn't expecting it till tomorrow,
  3. Mine went in on Saturday. It normally seems to arrive on the first day of each month. Good luck in chasing yours......
  4. Its now first working day of the month (gets its processed on the last working day of the month)
  5. Mine appeared on my online statement on Saturday and was due to land today. According to our clerk it should always be in your bank account on the first working day of the month.

    [edit]Bah, polar beat me to it[/edit]
  6. ta pay(1st 2 weeks of the current month and the last 2 of the previous month) is processed on the last day of the month and appears in your bank on the 1st of the month. if the 1st falls on the weekend like this month it appears on the 1st working day, like today, if your having pay issues see your rao
  7. Ill be the first to say it.

    Dont rely on you TA pay or
    Dunno, its this JPA thing

  8. Why? You're better off ringing JPAC yourself. This all your RAO can do (You also have to be present when he makes the call) At least you'll get a reasonably straight answer as to the cause of the problem and a resolution date when you can expect to see the cash you can hold them to, rather than the usual 'It's Glasgow's fault' and 'You might get it next month' you'd probably get from your unit.
  9. Anyone have the JPA helpline number at hand .....

  10. Has many on here been overpaid? my unit was all overpaid 2 months on the trot by up to 3 times what we should have got.I owe £900 yet still have not been told officially that i've been paid too much. some that left months ago were paid so whats the chance of the money being returned.also out of 30 TA units ours was the only one to report that this happened,do those other units honestly think that no one would catch on? the first time we were overpaid by £170,000!!!

  11. Open 0700-1900

    JPAC Enquiry Centre,

    Mail Point 465,

    Kentigern House,

    65 Brown Street,


    G2 8EX

    Telephone : 0141 224 3600
    Freephone : 0800 085 3600
    Overseas : +44 141 224 3600
    Military : 94560 3600
  12. msr

    msr LE

    This is going to be really popular with employers :roll:

    Make the RAO earn his pay (hint: sure as hell it goes in on time every time).

    How would the TA like it if I signed in and started dealing with administrative issues from work?

  13. Sorry MSR JPA is self administration for Regular and TA alike. JPAC will not give your unit admin any info about your pay unless you are present to hand over your 'memorable information' etc

    So in short what's the point in having a three way phone call with your RAO in the loop when 9 times out of 10 an individual can sort it out himself.
  14. Fcuk me, I've been fcuking paid! I'm so used to hearing 'it will be all sorted at the end of this month' for the past 6 months, that now its finally happened, I'm actually in shock!

    Drinks on Hugh...
  15. I'm going to hold you to that stop whinging!!!