Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigjimdangley, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if we get paid tomorrow or Wednesday? Anyone know for sure?
    Oh, and don't make fun-it's a serious question.
  2. every fucking month.....

    Where do we get 'em from?
  3. It's a leap year, August's pay is automatically paid to the RBL ready for Armistice Day. You have had 47 months to prepare for it after all!
  4. According to my Pay Statement, 31 Aug, but I've actually managed to budget for once, so don't need to go looking down the back of the couch this month.
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  5. This was asked last week you prick. We get paid on the same day every month, now go and look at you pay statements and see if the penny drops.
  6. I know it's supposed to be the last working day, but what with the leap year and the last working day being on a sports afternoon day, I was hoping it would be tomorrow.
    I'm down to my last fiver.
  7. Seriously? Are you actually fucking serious? Really?

    You fucking air-stealing meatsack.
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  8. eh? we still get paid? i thought it had stopped with all these cut backs...i hadn't noticed?
  9. Budget. Is that a euphemism for spending large parts of the month comatose?
  10. Glad you pointed that out; now I know not to make fun. A narrow escape.
  11. Yup. Drugs do work!!!
  12. Why the hostility? I'm just asking a question. Doubt you lot are even in the Army. So why would you know when we get paid...
  13. By that logic then if you are in the army, then you'd know too
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  14. Erm, it's a leap year?
  15. I call wah and claim my £10! knob