Payday this month (December)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by liney555, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. Chaps, what day do we get paid this month, I assume it will be the 31st but a clerk has told me it will be the 30th?

    Not that it makes a difference to me but I am more curious.

    I have no access to JPA or Armynet to confirm before anyone suggests it!
  2. Standby fella.
  3. Within ten posts the AGC's very own shimmer will be bollocking you for asking..
  4. Im not sure but if you have any future questions reguarding pay issues i suggest NOT asking a clerk
  5. "Standby Fella" Yuck I don't wanna hear that slang until at least the 4th Jan when Xmas leave is over.

    Is it a repost? :D

    tinternet connection is a little slow today so I have not browsed..
  6. Whoever asks that question is nigh on gauranteed to be gummed to death by a slightly irate clerk.
  7. Jesus tap dancing Christ.

    Does it really matter? what's in 24 hours... surely you haven't spent all your wonga already.
  8. As I stated in my OP no it doesn't but it is just a basic and CURIOUS question really, and if that opens me up to flaming then there are some sad motherf*ckers on here :lol:

    /Willy wave.
  9. Or you want to know if you can afford the all night rave on New Years Eve... admit it. You've spunked all your wages on hookers and booze and a ferry ticket. Now you are on a promise at the New Years Rave and you want to go....
  10. My humble liney lower payband was spunked on the 3rd, not really.. me and the other half are having a quiet night in. Besides I need to save some money for when the siggy's are selling their Xmas presents on the 10th Jan :)
  11. 31st December. It isnt a bank holiday
  12. Wah!!!!! and double Wah!!!
  13. realy...................

    this again.