Payday August 2009

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gingerslime, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Just a quickie, only asking on here because I am on leave and cannot pop into my admin office. What day are we getting paid this month? I believe it is a UK bank holiday on the 31st August which should be payday, usually this means being paid the Friday before but on checking my pay statement on Armynet, it is showing pay day as being 31st. If that is the case, all my direct debits will be coming out of my account on Friday when I won't have cash in the account until Monday.
  2. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the last WORKING day of the month. Very simple, even the Infantry can understand it.
  3. I understand that, but why would pay statement say 31st if it is a bank holiday. I'm in Germany so not 100% on dates of british bank holidays
  4. I refer you to my previous comment.

    Your pay is up to the 31st, but you will receive it on the last working day. It is always the same, it never changes. Learn it and repeat it to yourself until you understand it.
  5. My mistake, its just I remember old payslips telling you the date the pay went into the bank, it appears Armynet doesn't do that, just the last day of the month.
  6. Think about it logically.

    The Army cannot pay everyone late, because there would be hell to pay if thousands of soldiers ended up with bank charges because their pay hadn't gone in. It can't go in to the bank when the bank is closed, 'cos the bank is closed. So it must go in before the bank closes. That'll be the last working day then.
  7. even the Infantry can understand it.[/quote]

    I understood it perfectly well, Cnut
  8. I understood it perfectly well, Cnut[/quote]

    But can you spell it?
  9. See - told you it was simple! :wink:
  10. Maybe you should change your direct debits to the first of a month, then you will always have at least some money left it to pay them right after pay day.

    Should do bets to see how many more of these threads we have before friday.
  11. This is the second in 2 days 8O
  12. Jeez, bone questions.