Payday 2

Due for release on the 13th for PC and the16th on xbox and playstation

So this is the second game in the payday series and the first for release on the xbox, its based around four player co op so its already been compared to the left for dead series but with heists instead of zombies.

Apparently the game will feature a lot of variations in each mission as some factors randomly generated such as the location of the get away car, NPCs and equipment, while other parts will be affected by the players previous preformance. On top of this you can approach objectives in multiple ways from guns blazing to sneaking around disabling security systems and such to delay the cops response.

Finally thiers going to be some rpg elements 4 diffrent skill trees and the ability to buy new gear and weapons. so hopefully the game should have a lot of replay potential.


if its as good as it appears then this could be a good laugh for the arrse ex-prime ministers


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Just split a Steam 4-pack with a mate and two of my cousins. Played a bit of single player to see what it's like and my first thought is that single player is ******* POINTLESS because the friendly AI is utter chod. I can see it playing out better once I get into co-op and you can actually coordinate with people that know the basics of theft (i.e. pick up the bags of loot when you're running away, rather than leaving them on the ground).

Steam ID is Bruxy and you can find me in the ARRSE group if you fancy joining in some co-op. I expect I'll be about a fair bit this weekend!


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so it's not a 'when do we get paid this month' app then?
Grumblegrunt you bastard, I was going to use that one.
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