Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kitmarlowe, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. I know, I should be working but..........

    This popped up last night from the Chief. Our Master Chief briefed the chiefs that as of some as yet unannouced date we would be charged for food as per PAYD on a deducted from wages basis.

    Does anyone else see dramas with this.............? Apart from lads jacking it cos their being charged for food so bad they only eat it cos it's free and they can't go anywhere else.....
  2. been done to death elsewhere - search PAYD and see where you have an answer.
  3. Too many Cheifs not enough indians perhaps.
  4. Correct. Done to death elsewhere...which is why I posted in here. the last thread in this forum was this one

    The reason I posted is that this is now not about TA soldiers going on courses, this is now about normal TA training weekends and is now an event "Coming soon to a weekend near you".
  5. With respect, you seem to think that you shouldn't be paying for your food. Why? I have no problems if you are in field conditions, but elsewhere...joing the fecking club. We have all been shafted as far as food costs are concerned. If you don't like it, vote with your feet. The only good thing about pay as you dine, is the opportunity to save as you starve. I think you will find that they cannot take PAYD charges out of your wages if you have not eaten in the mess/cookhouse. I think the clue is in the name.

    Simple, take your own food with elsewhere......leave the TA, or just pay up like the rest of us have had to do.
  6. Pay as you Whine
  7. Errrr.....I'll pay for food where I've paid for food in the past. I'll be happy to pay for food on TA weekends when a)The pay cut that is PAYD is recovered b)when the food is worth it.

    And yes, some lads will walk because they will not like having £3.76 deducted from their wages of £35.00 a day. Only a minor annoyance for us but a little more of a problem for the rest of this "one Army" when they need to find 100+ bods from the reserves to fill out regular units that can't keep themselves at full strength. Unless of course you're happy doing the work of a Company with an effective strength of 2 platoons.

    Sidebar. The regular army have always paid for their food, the method has just changed. It's part and parcel of the Regular Army's Terms & Conditions. The TA has rarely paid for it's food, usually only on Company weekends in the TAC. Now a pay cut has been imposed on the TA. Do you really think the regular army would have been happy if PAYD had been introduced at a rate of say £8.52 a day?
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I must say that, over far too long in the TA, I never recall having any money deducted for food charges, apart from very occcasionally on a Drill Hall weekend. Never on Courses, nor when attached to Regular Units. Perhaps that was due to a decent QM/RQMS, but somehow I doubt it.

    So, in effect, is this a new charge, and a net reduction in TA Pay? It's very hard to gather any facts about this, but this is certainly how it seems. I'm not interested in spin as to "well, you chould have been paying x and y" and "it's always been assumed that..." Simple question - can anyone tell me wheere we paid this before, and where the money came out of our pay? There's certainly no mention on any payslips I have, and they go back years!
  9. I think you miss the point of PAYD. It is not a fixed daily charge. The clue is in the name.

    If in "Field Conditions" no-one should be paying anything either out of their pocket or as a later deduction from wages.

    And, as an aside, the last Officers Mess I was in, under PAYD, if you ate three full meals a day, you would have ended up paying well over 10 quid a day.
  10. Kitmarlowe as I sit here in this lovely place known as Iraq, again, I just had to bite over your response to Infiltrator.

    Whilst I recognise the important input Reserve Forces make to the Regular Army, and they do, do I have to give you absolutely everything on a plate? You receive pay for every day you turn up, you get a bonus if you complete your MATTs and camp or course, you can complete work at home and claim MTDs, you get money for turning up at RTMC for mobilisation, you get to pick your deployments - it may say compulsory but your not, and now you want me to feed you for free when your in your TAC? Jog on. The Regular Forces (majority) have had Pay as You Diet for a while and I have yet to hear a good argument from anyone as to why we still have it but it is here to stay.

    In short you get don't get something for nothing anymore. It's already been intimated earlier that there are ways and means around this 'problem' - speak to the QM I'm sure he knows the answer.
  11. The Regular Army also get pensions amd sick pay etc that TA don't so its not all as rosey as you make out Sean.
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    PAYD = Everything on a plate, indeed........

    No-one is querying that this money has to be raised somewhere. My question is simple though - is this a fundamental change in TACOS for the TA? The situation appears to be one of before: free food, now: paid-for-in-cash food. Can anyone answer this sensibly, without spin, or should we go to the next stage and start asking MPs about this?
  13. free dental care. free access to gyms.. massively subsided SLA, of various dubious quality....
  14. Anyway. My main interest in posting in this was not to discuss the rights and wrongs of PAYD and get bored regulars bitch fighting.

    I was interested in if other members of the TA see dramas occurring during training weekends on camps. Given that lads will soon be paying for food, will any complaints start getting louder? will lads start complaining when the full entitlement under JSP is not provided? when Civi contractors start trying to stop lads going back for another brew? or more squash? Will RQMS suddenly discover their job doesn't pay enough for the grief they start getting cos a Breakfast container contains 1 scoop of beans, one sausage and one boiled egg.
  15. at our rtc we are charged a flat rate of £4 per day irrespective of whether you eat in the mess. If you are a visiting instructor the bill gets sent to your unit to sort or something like that. I've no gripes but it does amount to £16 per month which can mean a lot to a recruit, plus the food is sh*te. Norwegian containers of tea Ive heard are charged at a tenner a throw.
    I was under the impression that payd only applied to troops resident in that particular camp and visiting troops did not have to pay. I'm probably wrong as usual. I also object to taking 2 horror bags on a sunday as my lunch and evening meal