Discussion in 'Juniors' started by mylo, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. has anyone heard tales of young recruits spending all their cash and thuis not being able to top up PAYD swipe cards and missing meals and then collapsing due to low energy/starvation?
  2. A journalist by any chance?


    1. you joined today
    2. your first two posts are the same question
    3. You're looking for some dirt on the army

    Sounds like a journalist to me.
  3. Another scum journo in search of a story?
  4. the story was mentioned as a rumour on the BBC radio today and I am trying to find out if it is a rumour or true. i read some of the posts on PAYD and there seems to be mixed feelings about it.

    1) in the past people complain they were paying for food they weren't eating

    2) now some people seem to not have enough money to load up swipe cards whereas in the past it was paid for up front.

    just trying to see if there is anything in the comments on radio five live this morning.

    by the way how does highlighting a story about forces personel not eating properly because of a cost cutting exercise by the MOD (if it is the case) make a journalist scum?
  5. You see your OC how authorises a meal and you pay at the end of the month. No one starves.
  6. OK.

    The impression that was given was that younger recruits who are not used to budgeting and are away from home for the first time are spending all their wages and being left with no money to load up swipe cards.

    In addition although the safety net is there to go to someone senior and ask for help new recruits are embarrassed and instead don't eat properly.

    I am just trying to get to the bottom of the above issues to see if a) there is story and b) if anyone has any examples.
  7. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Are they?

    Who told you that or is that another rumour you are trying to start?
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    If your that interested in a story join up and see for yourself.
  9. I understand that you load your card, if you don't have enough on it then someone is standing by the till issuing chits or you can ask for some sort of card to stop you starving which you then have to queue up with and hand in. is that not the case and are you telling me there would be no stigma attached to doing that?
  10. "by the way how does highlighting a story about forces personel not eating properly because of a cost cutting exercise by the MOD (if it is the case) make a journalist scum?"

    It doesnt, making up stories, sensationalising other peoples suffering, not bothering if the facts bear out a pre-concieved "message" and choosing which "facts" to report, expecting the protection of the military when running around war torn cities despite treating them with disdain at every step, pretending to be the "Forces Favourite" despite not actually being, printing fake photo's of prisoner "torture" causing real soldiers real problems then making a story out of the fake story to some how imply nobility, trawling the internet for rumour and cast offs to meet deadlines, inability to get simple military details right, always calling everything you dont recognise a "tank".

    That is a very small glimpse as to what makes journo's scum, a decent one is very much the exception to the rule and i have yet to meet him/her.
  11. Now you have admitted you are a journo I have a better story for you,please put in your paper the comments made on this site regarding that lying ,cheating cnut of a prime minister we have .how he is starving the troops of much needed equipment and how he is treating troops upon their return from his conquests.
  12. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Like that's going to happen! The story would be titled "Young recruits bullied into handing over food money by racist NCO's" An unnamed source revealed.
  13. fair enough there has been some misreporting.

    i'm not defending the fake photos, it was wrong the editor got the sack.

    this website is called The Army Rumour Service so I am checking out rumours, if you tell me it is wrong then fair enough.

    try to not to group together all journalist in the "don't trust them they print lies" category it is as bad as seeing a US soldiers convicted of mistreatment of POWs and grouping all soldiers together with them.

    as for sensational reporting deciding what that is is very subjective, the style of coverage is driven by the market, what sells.
  14. you forgot "tipped for the top" and "top brass", which has to appear in the headline or it wont get past the editor, perhaps along the lines of:

    Young squaddie tipped for the top bullied into handing over tuck money by racist NCO's - Army Top Brass rocked" etc etc

  15. there has been repeated coverage of poor equipment supply, particluarly boots and even of soldiers dying because there was not enough body armour to go around, most recently today there is a story about a campaign for free postage for families sending parcels to war zones.