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If I serve at a camp with no eating facilities, Mess, kitchen, shop or dining area am I entitled to any type of food claim? I'm a reg working on a TA camp.


JSP 752 Chap 3 Refers:


03.0110. General. DS is the re-imbursement of actual receipted costs (see paragraph 01.0123), up to a DS limit (see Chapter 1 Section 6), for expenditure necessarily incurred for food and drink during the day for periods of over 5 hours’ absence from the permanent or temporary assignment station, when neither a Core Meal in a PAYD Unit or an Entitled Casual Meal in a non-PAYD Unit can be purchased. DS may be claimed in combination with NS as appropriate. Authority for claims for subsistence within 5 miles of the assignment station, temporary assignment station or home location are normally inappropriate unless the CO, or appropriate delegated officer, is content that the Service person’s duties make it impracticable for them to return to their duty station/home. DS reimburses breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner costs, tax and gratuities/service charges, except where NS is also being claimed for the same temporary duty, in which case breakfast costs are contained within NS, and not DS (see paragraph 03.0108a). Aggregation of DS claims is permitted when Service personnel are away from their permanent duty station for 2 nights or more, This will enable personnel to submit DS claims over the whole period of detached duty, rather than accounting for expenditure against a daily limit. When aggregation is permitted, claims for receipted items of laundry may also be included within a DS claim. If receipted items of laundry are included, the daily rates of DS may not be exceeded. Service personnel who receive light refreshments, breakfast, lunch or dinner in the working environment or any form of Official Hospitality must not claim DS for the food and drink provided under these circumstances at public expense.

03.0111. Gratuities and Service Charges. . If a gratuity (which is optional) or service charge (which may be discretionary) is included in the bill, it may be reclaimed. It is recognised that countries have different customs and expected percentages vary. As a general rule, any gratuity or service charge not included in the bill may be claimed but should not normally exceed 10% of the value of the bill. However, a tip or gratuity may not be reclaimed when dining at a takeaway, self service or fast food outlet (e.g. McDonalds). Total reimbursement for food, drinks and gratuities or service charges is restricted to the DS limit.

03.0112. Maximum Period of Entitlement. There is no maximum period for which re-imbursement of DS may be claimed. Officers authorising duty travel are, however, to monitor cases of continuous or prolonged periods of absence from the assignment station, satisfy themselves that the requirement remains justified and that no other more suitable working arrangements can be made.
Look up Meals Out Allowance (MOA) which allows for food purchased in your circumstances.

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Just to clarify - the above point:

The Meals Out Allowance (MOA) only applies to your "Assignment Station".

Therefore if you're only on detachment there, then it'll be Subsistence Allowance.
The OP stated he was serving at a Army Reserves establishment with no messing facilities, therefore as it very much looks as though this is his Permanent or Temporary Duty Station, DS is not appropriate and he should consult his admin staff about claiming MOA.

MOA is claimed by many Recruiting Staff who live in similar circumstances.

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sup rec

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Not any more it's not - the ruling changed as of April. Now you are to bring in a packed lunch. If you are working late with the TA then the answer is, and I quote, "bring in two packed lunches. A Brucie bonus is that the ruling also states that the Army does not have to provide a fridge - Winner...

INELIGIBILITY 03.0405. Ineligible Service Personnel. Service personnel who consume food at home or could bring food in from home are ineligible to claim MOA.

Bold straight from the JSP today
Oh look, a cluster of experts, no wonder the poor *****ing soldiers struggle ^~
I've kept me gob shut. No-one listens to my advice anyway.
Do the TA have camps? Or is it just TA centres? Genuine (if misplaced) question.

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I wondered that. If the OP is on a TA Camp, shouldn't he have rat packs like everybody else?

Not necessarily a silly question as I've come across attached Regulars in the past who have claimed meals allowances, preferring a nearby Little Chef to compo.
Thanks for the advice everybody. Just to clarify im a regular soldier (PSI) serving a two year post with the Reservists in a barracks with only Reservists.
Looks like packed lunches for me !

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