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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by skintboymike, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. I'm gong on a course in Deepcut shortly, and have recieved a letter from them stating that PAYD will be starting in March. I can only see the standards improving compared to the sh*t that was passed off as food on my last visit, but what if it's still cr*p? Do I HAVE to pay for the swill they provide, or can I get a meal elsewhere?

    The food was so bad on my last visit that I had multiple visits to the RCWO to try to sort it out. All that drama, and that was for free food. This time round I have no intentions of putting up with the same sh*t if I'm expected to pay for it.

    I was informed in the letter to take enough cash with me to pay for my food, but they failed to tell me how much 'enough' actually is. Can anyone here give me a rough idea of costs per meal?
  2. dont hold your breath...
  3. THe Core menu should only be about £4 a day.


    Figure about £10 a day, don't know if you can eat elsewhere.
  4. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    [Official PAYD bumf]

    Junior Ranks

    Breakfast - £1.02
    Lunch - £1.20
    Dinner -£1.54

    So technically should be equivalent to the DMR. [/Official PAYD bumf]

    Don't know about Deepcut but there should certainly be no requirement to eat in-camp and no impediment to buying / preparing your own.

    Edit: As C_F says above though, take more if you don't want to stick to core meals.
  5. This is where PAYD is wrong - in isolated locations there is no real option to eat elsewhere. If you are on a course you don't even have the option to have all of the cooking kit (george formby grill, twin hotplates, microwave etc) in order to even atmpt to provide your own food.

    However if you manage to get a nil availability for service accommodation (more likely for seniors and officers where the messes are more limited) thn you would be able to claim the daily feeding rate of £21 (or thereabouts)!
  6. you can go and eat where ever you like its your money and up to you........ thats the whole point with PAYD
  7. If you live in at a non PAYD unit your food charges should also cease for the duration.
  8. Put in temp absence chit to stop paying food charges at current work station.

    claim incidental allowance

    £5.00 per day (no reciepts necessary)
    £10.00 per day overseas (as above)

    claim LSSA (what ever your allowance is)
  9. LSA, as it is now known, can only be claimed if you cannot come back home over periods of standown (and if the period of Seperated Service is over 10 days), i.e weekends, however, if the temp duty is over 10 days and you can get home over standown periods you can claim GYH(T), an allowance based on mileage to, as it says, Get you Home.

    IE (Incidental Expenses), crack on fella, talk of this only running for 30 days max is cack, the book does not specify....yet, however, NS and DS, different issue.
  10. If you pay food charges at you permanent place of duty then you should claim back the cost of the core meals you have eaten via iexpense claiming from the DFS IPT (UIN not to hand). There is an Op bulletin regarding this.
  11. Or claim Missed Meals, which are more than food charges at the moment, which is in JSP 752
  12. The same as food charges.
  13. Yep, agreed, that regulation went out with the introduction of the new rules
  14. In PAYD units they have to supply you with an alternate place to buy food.

    They have started PAYD at Leconfield and when I asked the chef if the food would improve, he told me the only differance would be that I would get less.

    So basically you get the same slop as before only this time you get to watch it congeal and go cold while you queue to pay for it.

    Leccie was a nightmare before this so I am glad I left before it came in since our 'alternate' place was a greasy spoon sold in the back of a trailer
  15. Do you have proof that PAYD units have to provide alternate arrangements? I have no problem with paying for my meals on course, only that I'm being told where my money must be spent. I had a chat with my HR administrator last week, and she was under the impression that I am obliged to eat as cheaply as possible, ie in-house resources such as a PAYD cookhouse.

    On my last visit I, along with the other 20 bods on my course, finished work late and bomb bursted to the cookhouse ten minutes before the hotplate came down. We were greeted with one piece of cold fish, two full trays of burnt pies and a tuna and pepper pasta dish. Half my coursemates sacked it and went straight down town after looking at it, while the rest of us attempted to get something fresh cooked. "Sorry mate, that's all we've got left", came the not-very-interested reply from the 'chef'. What then? Are we expected to fork out over the odds prices for fast food or restaurant prices out of our own pockets, or can we get authorisation to eat somewhere else and claim it back? If the latter is possible, who provides or authorises the non availability chits? After all, the 'chef' has told us there's nothing left, and if someone were to query my claims afterwards, as far as his story goes he provided three perfectly good choices and we turned our noses up at it.

    Believe me, I'd be happy paying a quid a meal, but if the standard is anything like last time I'll be upset.