PAYD whats the story?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stoatstrangler, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. A few weeks ago I had my first experience of PAYD, on the whole not bad price was reasonable and the food quality was ok (although the portion size was a wee bit on the small side). However, the only thing that grips me is 'apparently' I can't claim this back and i'm also told that the TA are not going to get an increase in pay like the regulars to cover it.

    So can anyone give me the actual story
    i) can we (TA) claim it PAYD back?
    ii) if not, have we or will we get an increase in pay to cover it?
  2. When did regulars get increase in pay for food!?!?!?
  3. That's what I was told, please feel free to dispel any myths.
  4. every 1 april
  5. It's been covered to death elsewhere. Do a search for PAYD.
  6. Cheers, didn't think of that (brain fart)
  7. Quick answer.

    Once upon a Time...... Regulars had 2 charges taken out of their wages. One to cover the luxury room they shared to kip in and one to pay for the 3 course daily feasts they ate in the cookhouse. Once deducted, that was their living costs covered for a month.

    Now Regulars only have the luxury room charges deducted at source. If they eat in the Cookhouse they pay cash in hand, if they decide to not eat for a whole month, they can keep the money.

    So regulars have a little more money in the bank at the end of the month and a bit more cash to have to send eating next month.

    TA have, in my 14 years, VERY rarely been charged for food on camps, weekends or courses. Now we have to pay for food on SOME courses.......However it has been mentioned on here that peeps have gone to a Camp for a weeken's training and had to pay for food in PAYD cookhouses. In that sense we do lose out a little.....
  8. Exactly what he said.

    Expect to get fed for free at training establishments such as Longmoore et al but where in-barracks/transit accommodation is required for a course, expect to pay the £5 for core meals.

    If you're REALLY hard-up and not a prepared boyscout, or on the jam role, a quick visit to the admin block will square you away with a "hungry eaters card" which acts as a food credit card. Basically, you'll be able to gorge yourself on the core menu daily and the fund will be deducted from the pay you expect from said course.

    Really, the only thing that get my goat about this is 10-20p for an individual sachet of sauce - wtf?? Take your own in!!

    p.s. most barracks have alternative options other than the cookhouse (pizza/burger and chips in the bar etc).

    Bon apetite
  9. I might be being slightly dim here, but as a TA soldier can you not just claim it back through JPA (or a core meal at least), if you geta receipt? Like Kitmarlowe, however, I have rarely been charged for meals on a TA course since the arrival of PAYD.
  10. Nope....Nothing, nada, zip, zilch......Take the pay cut..... :)

    The "clever" response is "Claim IE" which is bollocks as IE isn't always claimable and shouldn't be used to cover food costs!

    To date the only course I've paid PAYD on was the 6 weeks of death by computer based learning that was BOWMAN AS(S) + bits last summer.....which probably cost me about £300 in the end. I'd probably manage to spend close to that much at home in 6 weeks, but that would include wine, beer and kebabs....... :)
  11. This whole issue has been done to death and some. In sum there is no such thing as a free feeder now whether you are TA or regular. FULL STOP
  12. unless you're in camp, but are granted 'field' conditions
  13. This only apllies to those who live in SLA. Pads have to pay for their food. So, if you want to eat, pay for it!
  14. FFS. This has been done to death on countless other threads.

    The end result is that if you want to eat the sh1t served to you under Save As You Starve then pay up. If you don't like the idea of that then eat elsewhere or bring your own.

    It's not a tough choice.