PAYD - Whats the score with cooking in the block???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Meum_Cerebrum_Nocet, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. I've heard from the usual sources that when PAYD comes in (due in Sep 08 at my particular Unit) the authorities are required to provide SLA personnel with the means to cook their own food, i.e. a cooker.

    Does anyone know if this is accurate or not?

    Our accommodation is single occupancy rooms within an old MQ that's been converted. Our kitchen currently consists of a microwave and fridge (ours, not the Unit's). Other Units have provided single soldiers with cooking equipment but is that just an agreeable QM or is it mandated that they do this? Any info would be much appreciated....especially if they know of any DINs/Briefing Notes whatever that cover this. No one here's been able to find any.

  2. You have hexi-blocks don't you?!?!
  3. no they dont have to provide squat!!

    if you have z-type it comes with it however the old kitchens suffice. The idea is the army offers you PAYD as a choice, a very competitive one, or the choice of going down town. Simple as that really. You now have a choice!

    if you want to make do in the block then crack on however they will provide nothing as they have given you a viable choice!
  4. That's fair enough, just wanted to make sure we weren't missing a trick.

  5. You could speak to your QM with regard to buying your own cooker. You can pick up a cheap second hand one and then have the QM organise having it fitted (health and safety issues, especially with gas). If you all club together it shouldnt be too pricey.
  6. I take it the beanstealing concept is now firmly dead in the water.
  7. If I was still serving and a QM, installing cookers in the block would not be too high on the lists of things I would do. Imagine the scene - Saturday night/Sunday morning, a p1ssed up Tom, a pan, some cooking oil and potatoes in a block of also p1ssued up squaddies with socks over the smoke detectors because burning the toast was setting them off.

    That and the fuel bill for 15+ cookers. It's bee said already - PAYD gives you choices - take it or leave it and I can't see contractors taking the installation of an alternative to their 'service' to lightly.
  8. Alas. Alas.
  9. Don't hold your breath, according to the DIV Fire Officer &
    SHEF man you are allowed the following; means of heating pre cooked food e.g. a microwave, a kettle and thatis in the room. As for full on cooking facilities, the kitchen must have an extractor, fire blanket & the cooker should be of the electric type (cheaper to install than gas). The problems youget with communal kitchens are horrific, cookers left on, food waste, nicked food, nicked cooking utensils etc etc. They are not a good idea & cause more problems then what they are worth. We know of at least one living in bloke, who has bought a second hand electric cooker from a pad & has it free standing in his room, but he will get a suprise vist from the QM in the next few days.
  10. It's all about choice. Except you can't choose to cook your own food. If student flats / halls can have kitchens, then why not barracks?
  11. And if it was converted back into a quarter it would have a cooker, but what the hell..... PAYD is supposed to provide the soldier with more choice. Than means cook house (PAYD), eating out at fast food joints or stuffing crap food into a microwave/adding boiling water to something. If you want to eat healthily you have only one choice, and it's not cooking healthy meals yourself.
  12. if you have a cooking facility installed you will have to pay for it!!!

    my £12 a month rent can stay yes please!
  13. People already do buy themselves 2 ring stoves etc to put into their accom - if its going to happen the QM might as well be onside and mitigate some of the risk by ensuring that the appliances are installed correctly. My post was from the point of view that the bloke is living in a surplus MQ and probably has a purposely fitted kitchen.

    Students all over the country are put into halls/flats that have shared kitchens. Now, call me a buff old traditionalist but students are famous for going on't lash and as far as i'm aware they're not torching themselves over and above the national average. I always favour treating our junior soldiers as the adults they are - another famous cop out is you cant have a phone line because you might get into debt.

    You are right, there is a choice available under PAYD however i think its a little limited. In my oppinion having the facilities to knock up a simple meal should be available - although those living in the block would be responsible for the clenliness and safety for the sake of all. JNCO's should be doing that anyway, its a good excuse for practicing some Mission Command.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Wrong! microwaves are not just for heating up pre-packed meals. Theres loads of stuff you can cook in a microwave all from fresh and even better you can steam stuff in them perfectly. Also there are a shit load of electtric ovens available and last but not least slow cookers which are the mutts nuts in the winter.
  15. I part, I agree. I am aware that some people do have 2-ring Baby Belling cookers in their rooms but my point is that if I was a QM, I would not be advocating fitting them into all blocks as an alternative to PAYD. The additional fire risk is just that - an additional risk that can (in most part) be avoided. There were 25,606 fires in the UK in 2006 caused by cooking appliances - the biggest souce of fires in the home - with 29, 407 fires starting in the kitchen. I couldn't find any statistics to show one way or the other if students are better or worse that squaddies when it comes to setting fire to their communal accommodation.

    I have also lived in a misappropriated FSQ as a bean stealer - again without a cooker. It would have been nice to have had a cooker, even though I was not on PAYD. If one individual is given a cooker (including paying the additional fuel charges) then the precedent is set and everyone will want one and the unit fuel bills would see a significant increase.

    I would suggest what has already been mentioned, do what I did, buy a microwave - it's not just for heating up NAAFI growlers.