PAYD - What happens on Range Days

I know things have changed since I left, but I was hearing from my son who is serving a a Regular Unit (in UK). He has a range day in a few weekends (How did that happen) and they have been told to provide their own food. Does PAYD preclude packed lunches or Hayboxes. What happened to Range Stew ??
No way... the patd contracts must include container meals or horror bags i know there have been a few times when its quicker and easier to take own scoff 'and less likey to spend time wondering if its range stew or Rat 'O' van'


Methinks that a surreptitious copy of the Coy Detail instructing troops to forage needs to wing its way to BAFF and a few select MPs.
Didnt we learn the importance of feeding our troops properly during the Crimean war?
the cookhouse can provide a meal for the submittal of a nominal roll of all ppl on the day. and the slops will slop a nice selection of frozen pasties or burned mince!! we did it last week.

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