PAYD Wattisham

Ah the much vaunted PAYD has taken effect at wattisham today, personally think PAYD is a bit arrse, but the cafe is now very buisness like and clinical. Gone has the grotty bar where u could hurl abuse at the naafi wenches without worrying if the ssm is behind u in the all ranks queue!!! Happy days they were too!! Shame about 'the hub' as its now called with all the colours straight out of the blue oyster colour swatch!!!!!
Its in in Germany too and yes the tarts are a lot better. But Im just too old to care. You get like that when it takes you all night to do what you used to do all night..........NURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well you have not been here for a while now, if you remember the local militia, most of them now work in the cafe and the bar
Ah, shame, never got "round" to her, know quite a few blokes who did though.........

Mucker G
Someone in das truppen did at an xmas function u may recall! You were trying to qwaff (not sure if thats a word) all of ex c/s 21 best wine!!!! :lol:
Another member of Das Truppen was also known to try the Needham Mulisha (I know its Militia) She was apptley named Pro-Boot nose or Spaldette if I recall.....
I remember the naming well, its was the same as when a certain member of the militia, now in the five-oh was skiffed :lol:

Don't remember someone trying to tickle spaldette though?

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