PAYD v Subsidised meals for MP's!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Jaeger, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Have a look at this:

    Hungry for Taxes: Compare and Contrast Today’s Menus - Guy Fawkes' blog

    Now I'm not one for having a chip ('scuse pun ) on my shoulder but having served 24 years in a green suit during which time I was exposed to the
    worst and best the ACC could produce, and having narrowly escaped the horror that is PAYD, I was rather peeved to read this piece from Guido Fawkes.
    My bezzer has three fine sons all in khaki, (two Paras and an RMP in the Regular Army and a fourth is TA RE) and the feedback from them is that the food nowadays is a disgrace.
    I hear stories of mass boycotting of the "Cookhouse" and the UK's finest living on pot-feckin-noodles and take-away Pizzas!
    Now I have fond memories of that much-maligned group of men formerly known as the ACC, an endangered species nowadays I hear, they always did me proud grub-
    wise and made the horror of KF shirts and ankle-rags all the more bearable. So to think that in this day and age our soldiers are forced to eat unhealthy
    muck from a FF outlet because the food provided is expensive and rubbish, meanwhile we're subsidising our MP's grub to this extent, is frankly an
    outrage. Is it time for an Arrse campaign on this matter?
  2. Thank you, just checking.
  3. OoFFFF! that was short sharp and shit hot wasnt it?
  4. So which of those four isn't 'fine'?
  5. If people don't like it then get elected as an MP; simples!
  6. The TA one. He isn't in Khaki. He is in a suit or something and occasionally puts on khaki for his hobby
  7. I thought the RMP... or one of the Paras is in 3 PARA Mortars, and is regarded as 'damn fine!'
  8. So did I initially but then I realised it was a trick