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I know this will have been discussed before, but I'm upset, and I need to voice my feelings.

Pay As You Dine...


People complained about paying for meals they weren't taking.

So the MOD introduce PAYD, where one meal sitting can now come close to costing the equivalent of your old days mess rate.
Not only that, but the food is poor quality, the helpings are the bare minimum required to keep you alive, and everything is just
generally very shoddy.

Tell me where else you could get three meals a day (Or more if you waited for seconds), deserts, fruit and beverages for only £3.88 ?

Maybe some PAYD establishments are good, but generally, I think it all went horribly wrong once they amalgamated the ACC as part of the RLC.

*Sighs and bursts into tears*
i havent even got payd at my unit, already im fearful of it.

but i will always be cautious, at the same time the forces try to bring in a new pension, scrapping infantry regiments and ships, as well as spunking a shed load in iraq and afgan. they want to start a new food scheme that will not lower quality or quantity and will not cause an increase in charges...

yeah right

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