PAYD Slammed by soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by taffridge, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Result of a poll on Armynet shows that 60% of soldiers think that Pay as you dine is not a good initiative.


    Do you believe 'pay as you dine' is a good initiative?







    Total number of votes: 4257
    Appeared on ArmyNET from 21/05/2007 to 28/05/2007

    Incedentally, Bears also deficate in woods
  2. 60%!! That's 10% more soldiers than used to use the messes before PAYD!
  3. 60%!! That's 10% more soldiers than used to use the messes before PAYD!
  4. Ahh, but its what the soldiers asked for.....wasnt it?
  5. Yes - they did ask for the PAYD concept.

    No - they did NOT ask for NAAFI monopoly and incopetence.
  6. remember the old sqn bars? naafi certainly did when payd came in out went the old sqn bars as naafi wanted no competiton in the way of their monoply.
  7. And they've forced anything else that can be viewed as competition out of the way, which is a shame, a real shame.
  8. Was the 60% against PAYD all from Germany where NAAFI have the SLA or was the view the same for the UK contractors?

  9. Not to mention the honesty bars that have be done away with too... no more carrying the motion on when you come back from town after a few scoops...
  10. urm yes, back in 1994 when the guys were surveyed and when they could arguably manage their money; most of those are probably out now though.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I am sorry but that is just tosh.

    Soldiers were having pay management problems in the 80s and 90s, just as I suspect they will now.

    You get it, you spend it!
  12. What most lads wanted was a "fairer" system of eating and paying for food. I use the inverted commas because many did not realise some of hte perks from the old system.

    Whislt it is true that people were paying for food they didn't eat, many did kick the arrse right out of it on a sat or sun morning/brunch. Likewise how many troop/sqn/regt barbcues or other functions were subsidised by said food not eaten?

    Likewise, many of those who didn't eat just ate sh1te in their rooms. I know one lad who survived on a diet of pot noodle through the week, thank god he went home to his mummies cooking at the weekend otherwise he would have gone down with scurvy or something.

    Now you 2pay as you dine" for everything you get out of the cookhouse, including the brew kits for the guardrooms, etc.

    And as stated above, what no one expected was a NAAFI takeover of camps. If the mafia had taken over you could expect the "muscling" out of the sally bash and ywca. That was about the only thing you didn't see, NAAFI employees beating up the sally bash employees and putting their windows out, with threats of burning them out.

    Have seen PAYD in a few places, and I ain't impressed.
  13. Currently working at a camp that has a rear party only , food in Sgts mess abysmal , have to decide at lunch which option u would like for evening meal , lots of options 'unavailable' no chance to peruse whats on offer before deciding. Cannot even help yourself to tea & coffee. Decidedly unimpressed.
  14. Sir Prancealot, some questions!

    Is this camp in UK or Gemany?

    Define abysmal - food cold, tastes bad, uncooked, etc!

    What has been the response from the master chef to your complaints?

    If their response wasn't satisfactory have you contacted the contract monitoring officer?

    Did they provide an explaination?

    As to ordering in advance this is not new in a lot of messes - how do you think they avoid wasting food - it's not free!

    Limited Core and retail offers should be available to choose from even when just catering for rear parties.

    As for tea & coffee, it depends on what was asked to be provided by the CO and the contract staff. You could always take this issue up with the mess committee to make it available but someone has to pay for it in the long run.

  15. Define poor food as , brown lettuce , slimy cucumber , chicken nuggets & chips, from retail menu £3 for chicken breast & that didn't include any veg or spuds. Tea & coffee is available upon request but again u have it brought out to you. Camp is mainland U.K. Catering is provided by contractors , apparently there is/was a messing meeting today so should find out next week the outcome of that. Mess manager is aware of the issues raised & is investigating issues regarding choice , meals sitting plated for hrs & freshness of produce.