PAYD (Pay as you die)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by thetoecap, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. So one minute i'm not paying for my slop. The next thing i'm paying a low price for a low standard food. Who's the winner here? Whe you go to pay at the till the fuckwit doesn't know howmuch item are and a huge que starts to gather bods. When you site down to eat its cold. Are we goignbackward here or what. No wonder blokes are getting out. Its shite
  2. I haven’t come across the PAYD beast just yet, so how does it work?
    Is the money deducted from my pay or am I expected to carry cash with me (above and beyond the normal beer tokens) ?
    If it is deducted from my pay is there an opt out option?

    I’m not too happy about the idea of having to pay for the slop the army attempts to pass of as food on camp.
    If we’re now paying for it does that mean we can expect to see the menu options expanding and improving in quality?

    As it stands, if I’m expected to pay for what’s currently on offer then I think I’d rather go through the hassle and extra cost of calling for takeaway.
  3. If it hasnt changed since i used it, you had a card to swipe at the till, then you handed your hard earned pennies over. I didnt mind it, if i used it the food was fairly good, and cheap, if i didnt i could use the extra money for hotdogs!
  4. Sorry old bean but you will need to carry cash for the same substandard and less of what the egg tossers call scoff. No opt out option im afraid, best thing to do is go to Maccy D's. maybe the yanks have it right with KFC, Maccy's, Baskin robins and subway on their bases.... what do we get? some shite contract caterers. well im taking my own pack up next time. its like being back at school paying for a shite meal you dont want to eat but you have to otherwise the RSM will put you on detention and you will have to see the CO for ten of the best trousers down style (oh the days!!)
  5. Sound like a one sided deal to me…

    Can I complain to the chef/manager when the food I’ve paid for is badly cooked, tastes like dung, and gives me the runs?
    Currently we’re told to put up with it as it’s only for a weekend or 2 weeks.
    Will this still be the case?
    Will refunds be on offer for the truly poor examples of slop?

    Is there a plus side, will I finally be able to have more than 2 skinny strips of bacon if I’m paying for it?
  6. We came back to it in Chillwell....and it causes big lines at the tills.....bloody stupid idea!
    most of us went out for scoff....bugger paying for that!
    The Sgt's Mess was not as bad though...after someone told us we could still use it if we wanted to pay....
  7. It's cash at the till (some units have a swipe card, but I don't know how this works). As thetoecap says, a big queue forms, your meal goes cold and the last ones in may not have time to eat. As the meal is defined in a block, you have to collect your spotted dick and custard (mmmm) at the same time as your soup and meat dish. Cue tepid veg and cold custard.

    Read carefully what you are entitled to. If you take the full allocation, it's quite a big meal (but then, I don't eat as much as I did in my youth). If you take the selection you want, as opposed to the items in the core meal, you could end up paying over the odds. Exceeding the core meal is not value for money. Having said that, some till staff don't bother adding the items up (it's probably too complicated for them) so they'll either charge just the core meal rate or think of a number (which will be higher). In the latter case, if you argue the toss, you will be aware that you're holding the queue up with the results I've described earlier.

    Getting a takeaway may be an option in the evening, but it's less practical at breakfast and midday.

    I've noticed a drop in standards, but it still manages to fill a gap and I've managed to keep it down so far.
  8. Have I missed something here? Since when did the TA start having to pay for meals?

    When did the Conditions of Service change?
  9. since the 13 of june at grantham!
  10. Well, I've been paying for over six months.....
  11. Would this "reform" be sanctioned by those wonderful people at the Palace of Westminster with 7 subsidised restaraunts and bars ???

    So in the last 12 months we have lost:-

    1. TEA
    2. HDT - at least those travelling over 50 miles to work.
    3. Free meals whilst on Duty.

    What next - we do it for free or perhaps the Government would prefer that we pay them !

    Meanwhile, the average MP has £131,000 to spend on unscrutinised "expenses" !

    What is the official reference for this?
  12. According to most RSMs the food is meant to be shite and is perfectly edible no matter how shite it looks or tastes. 8)
  13. JSP 456 Vol 4
  14. Can somebody translate this?

    I'm in a Specialist Unit and I live 80 miles from my "permanent training centre" (which I visit 2 to 5 weekends per year, other training is elsewhere). I don't receive any flat rate training expenses or Missed Meal allowances. When I attend a weekend training session, I take 3 meals on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

    Should I even be paying PAYD? Or should I be claiming back DFC?

    Obviously, we've been told that we should pay PAYD, but is this because somebody has misinterpreted the clauses? Or have I misunderstood what's written?
  15. As I understood it PAYD was based around the fact that regulars miss a lot of meals on a weekly and monthly basis. Breakfast at Warminster would rarely see more than 20 permanent staff in the juniors mess during the week. PAYD was meant to keep the money in your pocket and allow you the choice of where to part with your pennies, in the cookhouse, the NAAFI or your own SLA.

    So. How the hell does PAYD relate to the TA? I've never paid for food before, or been charged for food. If I'm training at Catterick on the ranges is the CO going to declare field conditions every weekend or allow us to f**k off the ranges for 2 hours to find and/or cook our own food. Am I going to be given a fridge and cooker so I can store and prepare my own food?

    This is not going to work. Retention is going to suffer and people will not turn in, or only turn in when they can afford to pay for food.