Anyone listen to the interview the midget Mansel did with some Col in Elmpt (Javlin Bks) on his BFBS2 program this afternoon. What a load of pro pay as you dine bo11ocks that was!

When questioned if NAAFI running all the available food outlets on camp reduced choice. Mansel was given the reply that it 'improved choice' as there were more places for the soldier to eat his meals. Be that right or wrong, more places all serving food from the same outlet seem a very limited use of the phrase 'improve choice'. The only real choice seemed to be eat in a NAAFI establishment or get off camp and eat somwhere else.

When asked if it was right to have a monopoly, the answer came that as they had always provided the stock for canteens and cookhouses, they had always really had a monopoly so nothing had really changed. Then it'll be okay to close down all the YMCA/YWCA, Red Shield, Church Army or Toc H clubs around BFG will it? Clubs that have provided a lot more than just a cup of tea, a roll and a paper since before the first world war. It's a monoiply all right and one that was never there before. Will it stop at canteens? Or will PRIs and other small unit facilities be next leaving a case of NAAFI or nothing.

When asked if there would be Sqn/Coy/Bty bars and clubs he was given the answer that yes, there would be clubs as long as they got their stock from NAAFI with the option for local negotiations with NAAFI for that option of obtaining certain local items. Yet again, the monopoly of NAAFI and the 'choice' of take our stock or we'll close you down.

Pay As You Dine still, despite a very desperate sounding Colonel, looks like a NAAFI take over of all social facilities in camps all over BFG, which although not too bad for some camps that are situated near 'civilization' and the option to nip out of camp at lunch, for places like Hohne ('Choice' of 10 establishments all serving the same) it'll mean no choice and a drop in standards.
I must confess to not listening to the broadcast you mentioned but living in Javelin Barracks in Elmpt under PAYD is a subject I can talk on. The NAAFI do have a monoply here and it is very evident in all the dealings people have on a day to day basis. For the Pads, PAYD is excellent as they can go into the cookhouse (JBs) and get a very cheap meal. The quality of the buildings have improved but NAAFI standards remain.
But surely, any improvement in choice should be measured by the choice of the living in soldiers, not by the extra perks that the pads have? As for the actual choice, it seems to have gone from NAAFI, Red Shield, cookhouse or off camp, to NAAFI, NAAFI, NAAFI or off camp. With no competition on camp standards are very unlikely to improve. A monopoly gives no insentive and they can only get worse.

My main point was however, was that some senior officer can say on BFBS that there is more choice when there isn't and that there has always been a monopoly when there hasn't (until now!)..... and expect nobody to notice (well Mansel didn't).
I only stated that the Pads perks and having once been single (the good old days - only joking Mrs Milamber will kill me if she reads this) I know that the benefit should be for the Singlees (if there is such a word). The quantity of choice has improved and the decor is better, but the money still rolls into the NAAFI. You may be interested to know that it is run at a loss (oops did I say that) and bolstered up by the monoply in camp. They will do anything to get contracts.

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