PAYD isnt it great?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Outstanding, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. Who thinks this is brilliant. It must be coz "they" say it is!
  2. Anyone else listen to the Glen Mansell interview today with the SPS offr explaining the proceedures when soldiers don't have enough cash for meals and were hungry under PAYD ?

    Absolute classic, you must listen when it is on the Mansell podcast from tomorrow - it is in the last 5 mins of the programme. SPS guy has obvioulsy never served in a teeth arm unit.

    Closing comments from Mansell 'well I certainly wouldn't come to YOU if I had a financial problem !'

    Love it :lol:
  3. Well anyone has difficulty defending the PAYD system.... even if they know what they are on about.

    Don't get me wrong, the principles of PAYD may be very noble indeed, but the implementation is a complete crock, and it doesn't take the brains of an arch bishop to see that from a very long way off.

    I'll make a point of listening to the podcast.... I could do with a giggle :)
  4. Glen Mansell ??
  5. Where might I get said podcast?
  6. glen mansell is a presenter on the forces radio station an dhe has lots of defence topics on his show every day which goes out worldwide. The podcasts are avail the day after the show (so Wed prog is avail on Thu)

    This is the link to the show, but you ill have to wait until tomorrow for todays (not sure how to do hyperlinks)

    I am off to ADMINISTRATE myself a beer (you'll get it when you listen to it)
  7. I'm not in the army just quite yet...what is the procedure if your skint? I'd like to compare it against what this chap says in the podcast tomorrow.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    just out of interest mate - what do civvies do when they get to the end of the month and they are a bit short of cash?
  9. Come on "Mr Thicko"thats obvious they go to their mothers house and while they are there they get there washin done, bum some fags and borrow 50 quid till next pay day?? :D
  10. I think you'll find that most who are at that sort of age get fed by their parents, family or friends, get an overdraught or spend a week or two eating beans on toast. However, they aren't expected to go on CFTs, PFAs, 24 Hr guards or other some such.

    I can see where you were going with that one, but when PAYD was introduced it was pointed out that if a soldier had problems he could still be fed. As it turns out that is not the case without him/her being regarded as an admin problem and a target for thw CSM/SSM/RSM etc.
  11. They probably eat cheap unhealthy food until they get paid again, but then they probably don't have to run over assault courses or do CFTs very often.

    Edited to add dam you plant-pilot for being quick-fingered.
  12. Mmmm..if you bought breakfast,lunch and dinner under PAYD would it be cheaper than the old system? What's happened to budgeting skills?

  13. Just got me thinking looking at Chimeras quote. I'm an old fart and remember looking at my first few pay statements and thinking.. "where the fook could you get fed 3 meals a day for 66p which even in those mid 70's days was an unbelievable bargain. You knew that no matter what you did with your dosh and found yourself skint with 20 days left in the month, you still had somewhere to kip and didn't have to worry about your grub.

    I don't know what PAYD is but have worked out enough that you only pay for what you scoff I presume? I am going to stick my chin out without research cos my other hand has a fine chianti in it. Very basically, how does it work?
    Suffice to say I think it's probably one of the worst things I've heard of since I left.
  14. I'm not quite in yet but basically, you no longer get your food costs deducted automatically from your pay. Instead what was previously automatically deducted is given to you in your pay and you are now expected to pay for your food when you go to eat just like a cafe. The upside of this being that if you don't eat in the cookhouse then you aren't charged for it as you previously where.

    The downside is that if you spend the money your screwed. I was aware that there was a procedure for getting yourself fed but from what I've just heard on that podcast it sounds horrific. I would starve before I did that!