PAYD - Is it here, will it stay?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Humpmaster, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. I had heard all the bad stories about PAYD but couldn't believe all the whinges. So being the investigative type I got myself a detail to Catterick and used the facilities in Bourlon Bks. Having been there many years ago the change is remarkable to say the least. Alright the core meal was smaller but then who doesn't need to lose weight!! The other bits that have been added to the dining room enhance the experience. I would of liked to have stayed overnight to get the full atmosphere of the bar. So is this PAYD going to be rolled out everywhere and when does it start, I am in Aldershot and we need the change???? Any views on PAYD????
  2. There has been a thread on this before somewhere (use search)
    If you know anyone based at Fallingbostel or Javelin Brks, ask them what they think off PAYD. Its a novelty that I think will soon where off with a lot of people
  3. As a pad I dont really give a feck so knob off................
  4. But wouldn't you and your family be made welcome????
  5. No, because I say things like knob off....... and so does my wife, and my sprog, so knob off and take your stupid feckin PAYD with you, this is the Army, no Blue Water shopping arcade or some such..........
  6. You have a bad attitude knob!!!!
  7. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer


    PAYD is sh!te. I was in Fally when it rolled out and it was diabolical. A friend of mine turned up at an impromptu BBQ on the Mess lawn and brought some his own plates that look nothing like mess property. Said civvy comes along picks up this blokes kit, food and all and says he can't use it as it is not his and if it were to be cooked (the food not the plates!) then NAAFI would do it for a charge! SH!TE. The portions are too small, the quality of food has gone down, army chefs are being employed in the chip van outside the pub on fridays as they will not pay the civvies overtime, I can go on, however I will finish off the story I started above.

    My mate, after being held down as he was going to smash civvies face in when he told him to give his property back and they refused, got up and left his own mess (with this own property) and had the mess round his place.

    He then presented a bill to the NAAFI after having to cook for the mess as they refused to cook.

    NAAFI, very unhappy, lodge a complaint to blokes CO forgetting to mention the screaming civvy working for NAAFI and resulting bun fight continued until the truth came out. NAAFI reimbursed my friend!!!

    PAYD, the system where soldiers got what they wanted, and then realised that after all our years of refusal, we were right and they were wrong. Soldiers will be worse off, they will pay more for their food but save in their pay packet, that is all they will see. I have proved to my soldiers that they are worse off under PAYD. But they will continue to go to McDonalds anyway.

    Never mind, PAYD is here to stay and there is feck all we can do about it.
  8. Thanks Mysterons, I will stop telling everyone about my time in Catterick then!!!!!
  9. That's what I'm trying to tell you, you feckin retard - I have a bad attitude, I basically suck as a human being, therefore I wont be welcome in this new-fangled civvy run pile of **** that is the PAYD facility, which by the way is another nail in the coffin of our once world leading organisation............

    PLUS, this is the NAFFI Bar - read the disclaimer at the top - 'Here be Monsters'.......

  10. the problem is that is what we as soldiers voted for the fact that as with everything new we get seems to have a sting in the tail is another matter.

    I have yet to witness PAYD in action yet although it isn't any wonder the trial is such a disaster with NAAFI running it, they really can't organise an p*ss up in the obvious and Sohexho are little better the only real difference is their staff at least know how to pretend that they give a fcuk
  11. Err no BATTSIMM you're lost. This is the Int Cell. Nice of you to drop in en route to the NAAFI though.

  12. I've just noticed that as well!

    Jeez thats the first time I've been that pissed at work I couldn't read - or maybe I'm just senile.............

    Plus, I'm in a better mood today, soooooo, PAYD.....

    Its like whole fleet management - another method of reducing the size and ultimately effectiveness of the forces in my opinion and I hope they BOTH fall flat on their arrses........... Far too complicated to go into in depth just now but both systems erode many of the core values/requirements of the Army and its people, yes it's great in camp, but how long do we actually spend in camp these days?....
  13. I am lucky, i am at a unit that is not going to be going on to PAYD as NAAFI don't think that is is financially viable for them to move in, thank FCUK after reading some of the other threads on the subject.

    The food here at the moment is of a very high quality, so much so, that when the chefs have a bad day it is easily noticeable, when a mate visited he couldn't believe that he didn't have to pay for the Coke and Fanta dispensed from the machine, not even a hint of screech and water in those crappy dispensers.

  14. Ahhhhh PAYD. I know its probably all been covered before, buit I missed the last debate. Now, I'm a pad so don't use the facility here my unit and know feck all about how it works. I was recently tasked to organise a navex as part of these new MATTs. Imagine my surprise when I rocked up to the cookhouse with my Norwegian containers and kindly asked the fat, sweaty civvie to fill them with tea and coffee. I was told in no uncertain terms that the troops will provide their own tea and coffee and will not be getting packed lunches.
    Went to collect the guard rations one day. Got given 6 tea bags (one each), 6 sachets of coffee (one each) and a few sachets of sugar. What happened to my packet of Champion Crisps, my Kit Kat, my sausage roll that weighs a ton, my egg mayo sandwich, my bottle of panda pop, my aapple and my packet of Coronet biscuits?