PAYD - HQ Land your views please

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by UKLF_Kat, Feb 9, 2007.

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  3. dont care as long as i get fed

  1. HI guys with PAYD nearly upon us and no real feed back from you guys can I have your input.

    NO names no pack drill.

  2. Who let you out the Kitchen Kat!?!?!?
  3. Cider you are SO funny not !!!
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Funny old world. From 71-93 the only thing in the old cookhouse comments book was - why can’t we just pay for what we eat. Now nobody seem to keen. I would have much rather kept my cash and eaten down the sallybash, ydub, tocH and the pub.
  5. The general concensus is that the majority of soldiers will not eat under the PAYD system.

    There seem to be two main concerns that are doing the rounds:

    1. The food that a soldier is allowed to take from the hot-plate is insufficient to feed a soldier if it is to stay within the basic price.

    2. Soldiers will no longer have their own cookhouse, they will go and eat at a place that is now open to civilians, senior and officers if they desire to eat there.

    There are also worries about soldiers having insufficient funds to feed themselves towards the end of the month and also the health of soldiers, who if not eating in an Army cookhouse would be prone to poor eating.

    It would be benificial if soldiers were taught more on healthy eating etc. Possibly as MATT. There does not seem to be too much focus on this within the Army other than in rehabilitation centres.
  6. I only have two experiences of PAYD, miniscule portions and bad attitude. At my age and experience I can handle it but I do worry that the young soldiers who probably need good food most will be the ones to suffer most.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Except, with the exception of the pub, the rest have all gone: banished as a result of NAAFI's exclusive right to flog food to servicemen on camp.

    Catering in 'peacetime locations' has got worse and worse over the twenty-odd years I've been in (operational catering remains astonishingly good). The reality is that PAYD seems to have removed the imperative to produce good food. The philosophy seems to be: we don't care, it's cheap and if you don't want it, f*ck off down to McDonalds.
  8. I have heard that the PAYD at Elmpt has run into a couple of problems. Something to do with Civilian Companies not recognising their responsibilities wrt JSPs.....
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Life's not worth living - nobody scoffed in the NAAFI or the Cookhouse
  10. One concern to think about is the small portions of food in the basic menu...apparently the lads who are doing sports training like rugby and boxing....the ones who need to bulk up or are training hard are spending a fortune to get the additional calories they need. Do we want our sports 'gladiator' ethos to suffer as well?
  11. Profits taking over from the need to provide good portions of healthy food at a reasonable daily cost.

    As the numbers of diners falls, so does the money taken and then the standards fall..... meaning that less eat there, less income and lower standards...... a never ending spiral. The food's bad enough as it is, without taking away the guaranteed income to provide a basic reasonable standard.
  12. Also in addition to your veiws guys, does anyone have qany info on PAYD ?
  13. Points noted dingerr but even under the pre-PAYD system stats showed that less than 50% of soldiers turned up for their meals.

    The question of portion size goes on and on. What is provided under PAYD as a Core Meal is portion controlled in accordance with JSP 456 and is what should have been the norm under the previous system. It was only the fact that uptake was generally low that enabled portions to be larger and you could eat someone elses food.

    There is a question over loss of personnal space but during Core Meal times facilities should be the soldiers own.

    The starving soldier issue is one that is addressed through the chain of command. Educating soldiers how to manage funds is a wider issue.

    While the health of soldiers is a concern no one checks on those who are married and what they are fed!
  14. Right guys
    I ve listen to my boys and to your comments but i need sum specific gen on PAYD please

    Ta V Much

  15. One specific - at Watchfield one officer asked for cream with his pudding rather than custard. The answer was that the contract stated custard and no cream would be available.

    At another location one officer asked for two pieces of bacon and no sausage rather than one piece and a sausage, was told no the contract was one piece of bacon.

    Both times the contract was quoted and the attitude was aggressively defensive. I have not yet heard that 'it's more than my job's worth' but I'm sure that it will come soon. Moreover if this is the attitude in the officers mess, what is it like to the boys.