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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by devexwarrior, May 15, 2007.

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  1. ...I spend time at a PAYD unit but my home unit is non PAYD. I presume I pay up at the PAYD place and claim back on return.
  2. I was in this situation last week, I had to sign a form which was kept behind the till. Bit of paperwork, had a meal, no payment into the till - food and Accm charge as normal.
  3. how does it work.......u get some food and pay for it then eat........people have been doing it for cafes
  4. Another factor is by removing all rivals from camps so you have no choice but to eat at PAYD.
  5. 7911Bell, not in the instance described above.

    You sign the chitty, you get food, you eat. F and A comes out at the end of the month as normal. Easy.

    If anyone starts banging on about how SAYS is similar to being some stinking pluke riddled civvie, and how they live, I will scream.
  6. From AGWeb:

  7. good and a bad idea... in 2 RTR we have it... some times you wish for the old system... you always knew you could eat. Now you get your nutts ripped off if you cant pay for it from the duty officer...
  8. I am a Personnel Administrator(Clerk) in the RAF who deals with food and accommodation charges on a daily basis. Obviously your unit clerks are new to the JPA system but they should,when you are detached on a course or OOA , stop your food charges on the Arrivals Tracking page of JPA and re-start them again when you return to your parent unit. The RAF found, when we started using it a year ago though that some clerks forgot to arrive you back on station on your return and to start your food charges again so be careful that they dont try and back date your food and take is out as a lump sum in your monthly pay. It can be a pain in the arse.If there are any more questions on JPA especially the expenses part send a reply as I know expenses like the back of my hand. Had to resolve so many problems
  9. I know it's all been said before, however, charging food when you are away from your home on a course is a f'ing cheek, and frankly I'm not sure it's entirely legal. If my Wife's company sends her somewhere other than her normal place of work, then they are obliged to pay for her food and accommodation as she doesn't have the opportunity to eat at home. To say that you are eating the food, therefore you must pay does not entirely wash.
    Having said that, it will take someone with bigger balls than me to take them to court....I like to think that I still have a career left at the moment.
  10. Check pm please mate
  11. so does this mean that a married living out person who goes away on a course will have to pay for food from 010707?
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    I thought you were AWOL in BC :?