PAYD: displaying the Core Meal Entitlement

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 12, 2011.

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  1. I noted a while ago that one pretty busy establishment refuses to put up the board that displays the Core Meal entitlement under PAYD.

    The cynic in me notes that it tells blokes that, for example, they ca have soup with their evening meal, and orange juice with their breakfast.

    Pretty obvious its done to cut costs - if the blokes don't know they can have juice, they won't ask.

    Does anyone know if displaying the core meal entitlement is mandatory? If so, can someone show a source?


  2. Yes, And if they refuse make sure you report it to your chief chip (RCWO)! As he should be the person ensuring the contactors are toeing the line.
  3. PAYD destined for the chop in current form regardless and the sooner the better.
  4. I thought the contracts lasted years.
  5. Our RCWO has stopped it coming to us for 2 years now. We are still pretty lucky and he reckons that it will be binned anyway.

    In most PAYD places i have been there is a board displaying what you are entitled to though.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    It's part of the contract, all Messes for all ranks should display what is the core option and what is extra. Never encountered one that doesn't since it came in.

    What I have encountered however is the varying level of quality in displaying the information, some being clear and easy to follow and some boards resembling the Rosetta Stone and just as useful to those not fluent in ancient lost languages.
  7. BB, the Regs are at JSP456 Vol 4 Ch 6, starting at Article 0608. There is nothing specific in there about advertising what is allowed but most PAYD messes I have been to do this as a matter of course. Failure to do so is not in the spirit of the contractor's compliance with JSP 456 or their KPIs so I would raise asap it as Ayrforce suggests. Most of the problems with PAYD has been a failure to hold contractors to account where required and properly monitor the PAYD contract.

    As an example, the breakfast standards for the core meal are below:

    0608. Breakfast Menu. The minimum offer for breakfast shall be a choice of 6 items from the
    following list:
    a. Fruit juice (not squash), fruit segments, cereals (including the necessary amount of
    milk), bacon, sausage, egg, ham, cheese, baked beans, tomatoes, potatoes, fried
    bread. (Up to a maximum of 3 proteins, no more than 2 of each item).
    b. In addition personnel are entitled to 2 slices of medium white or wholemeal bread
    with spread and preserve and a hot beverage (tea or coffee) or 125ml milk and
    accompaniments including sweeteners.
    c. Cold water and squash shall be available in addition to a hot beverage as part of
    the core meal cost.
  8. Thanks dudes, much appreciated.
  9. Just spent a couple of weeks on course in UK and the staff in the mess were really good, always pointing out the fact you can have juice or cereal or whatever as part of the core menu, quite reasonably priced also, now the standard of service and quality of food in the blokes cookhouse was frankly shocking to say the least.

    Edited to add, Core menu options were displayed in both establishments.