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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by supermark500, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. I'm off on a course soon and it's PAYD. As I'm TA I'm not sure what the cost of the meals will be and my unit weren't sure. Could somone please let me know the current prices as I want to make sure I've got enough cash for the course. I did look on here and armynet but couldn't find anything.

  2. Base Line...tuck away at least £6 a day for CORE meals only......expect to go hungry ;-)
  3. its about £4.85 a day. Basic meal no large portions, squash, tea or coffee
  4. you get squash and water free, at least you did at every cookhouse I've eaten in
  5. VERY small cups ;-) Don't be surprised if they try charging you for a second cup of squash.....
  6. Be fair. In terms of quantity, it's more than adequate. Most people don't collect all the items that they're entitled to. My only gripe there is that you're only entitled to one cup of tea per meal - and it's a small cup.

    Quality, though. That's another matter.
  7. That's cookhouse dependant.

  8. its now part of the core menu apparently, most cookhouses turn a blind eye to the refills hail to the NAAFI
  9. If the place you are going to has the enhanced menu rather than the core, it is slightly more expensive, but you get more. Can't remember the prices as I was self-catering.
  10. A drink is part of the Core menu and always has been. It used to be pretty precise about how much and what you should expect at each meal....leading to an RQ threatening to knock a chief twice around camp when the core breakfast turned up and consisted of cold tesa, hard boiled eggs, bacon and bread. Being charged the full cost of 300 core breakfasts for f**k all kinda peeved him.....
  11. I always try to go all inclusive as it covers your drinks at night as well........
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  12. Ok. Cheers for the replies. So either £4.85 or £6 a day. Better go to the bank before I go then.
  13. If your on a course why are you paying?
  14. Because the cookhouse is PAYD?
  15. Must have been an anomoly when I was on a recent course and didn't pay for core meals then.