Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by blackratcatterick, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. Here in Catterick a brand new Junior Ranks Combined Cook House has been built to provide meals for 5 units, it is run by a contractor, but for some reason Core meals are no longer available.

    I now have to pay £2.40 for a roast chicken dinner, when my troop Sgt can have the same meal(Core) in the Sgts Mess for £1.68 and his meal includes soup and dessert.

    Can some one please tell me why this is being allowed to happen! The junior ranks appear to be getting ripped off by the contractor, but what a surpirise the Off's and SNCO's aren't.
  2. put this forward in Soldier Magazine to the Brig
  3. I was on a course at RAF Halton, they had the same situation there. No core meal was being offerd. Breakfast would cost me £2.80 :O
  4. There's a lot of this going on at the moment and it goes soemthing like this: The contractor that provides PAYD has turned round to the MOD and told them that what the MOD provides for a Core Meal is not a sufficient amount of food. A compromise reached by what would appear to be a growing number of units, is to look at what meals are actually being eaten and not eaten. E.G. Fri evening meal through to Monday Morning breakfast is rarely used, as a result, they are aggregating the cost of those meals not being used and pinning it on to the cost of daily meals that ARE used, so they can provide a better service. Much like the old ration roll swizz really.

    Is it a swizz, IMO yes, but the contractor (ARAMARK or whatever they call themselves) are refusing to provide core meals on health grounds. I'm sure it is being dealt with at levels way beyond us ARRSErs and I hope we will have resolution soon :)
  5. Ha ha!
  6. Then he can write you a patronising response quoting lots and lots of sub paragraphs that no-one in their right mind is the slightest bit interested in to show that basically you're a gobby little man who should be grateful that you get food at all and should be taken out and flogged for damaging his chances of an executive directorship at Sodexho when he finally leaves his post as SO1 Patronising Replies in Soldier Mag.
  7. How feckin true is that statement!!! You only have to read the latest issue of Soldier to see it. ha ha
  8. I think it was the August edition, some stripey asked for advice, im sure his response was "As a SNCO you should know better"
  9. Complain through your Chain of Command, RCWO, Pl/Tp Comd, Coy/Sqn Comd, BCWO, QM, anyone who will listen. The longer the Contractor get's away with ripping you off the longer they will do it. It needs to be stopped. Phone the Pay as You Dine Team (Catering Retail and Leisure) at the Defence Food services IPT in Bath and highlight it to them.
  10. The simple reason that Sodexo are not offering the Core meal is that ever since PAYD commenced, people have complained that the Core Meal is tosh and that it does not offer sufficient nutrition. However, I would hope if enough people complained that they wanted the Core Meal back on, they would possibly do it. That particular cookhouse is a massive white elephant as it has opened 12 months after the units moved into the SLAM, and many have therefore found themselves alternatives to eating in a cookhouse. I am far from a fan of Sodexo, but as a profit making company, it makes sound business sense to take the crap items off your menu.
  11. If as you stated the crap had been taken off the menu and had been replaced with a better quality product, larger portion etc then I wouldnt be complaining, so I am going to write slowly so you can understand, "its the same food for a higher price"!
  12. I have not eaten in there so I have no idea. I am just saying that people complain about the Core Menu and that is why they have taken off the menu. If, as you say the same food is there for a higher price, then do you mean the Core Menu is still there, but is costing more?? If so, then get the RCWO involved.
  13. My Bold. Dont try and be a c0ck, ARRSE has enough of those already.

    Have you spoken to the COC?

    Have you attended a messing meeting? If not have some balls and turn up, you will be more than welcome if you have a genuine issue that needs resolving. Im sure there are plenty of other soldiers there who feel the same but need someone else to stand up!
  14. The Pay As You Dine Team (Catering, Retail & Leisure)??
  15. Chain of command should be able to address this matter - ideally although sometimes they are less than useful. I know of a few officers (mostly ex-rankers to be honest, but a few DE) who would think up some official way to sabotage such antics.
    If they are unwilling or unable to help, then maybe more direct action may be useful. If nobody eat there at all then they might be willing to change their practices.
    I am reminded of a case a few years back when a large number of AT's all decided to sign off en-mass, all on the same day. Strangely enough, their pay was very quickly re-banded from low to high. It does take a bit of organisation and subterfuge, but it is possible to by pass the machine.