PAYD and TA on courses

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kitmarlowe, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. I'm due to attend a course for Bowman Training at Bicester. Now the whole thorny subject of PAYD is bothering me. Having checked JSP 456 I found in Section 2A paragraph 0212A Additional Regulations part c which says

    "c. Members of the Reserve Forces on reserve duty as a result of their duties are obliged to take meals in Service messes over 5 miles away from their permanent training centre are entitled to all meals at public expense for a period of up to 30 days."

    I think that says I don't have to pay when I'm on a course. Or is there something else I'm missing?
  2. I believe that changed as of 1 July this year mate. I'm sure someone will clarify it.
  3. Aye. He's right. You've shit it and will have to pay for everything. Details in this DIN: 2007DIN02-075

    You can't claim it back either.

    On the plus side, if you stick to the 'core' meal, it's only about £3 a day.
  4. Or you could do what i am going to do on my bowman course at bicester is take a microwave and kettle with me and buy from tescoes
  5. Not really a solution for a 2 week (or longer) course though is it?
  6. Even for TA, I understood that TA regs still allowed for free meals past the 5 miles distance?
  7. 3 and a half weeks to be accurate why not got my combat fridge aswell i take that put some milk in it and other stuff get some serial and bread and a load of baked beans and bobs your mothers live in lover self suffecient for a month i have lived of worse for longer menu "D" for 6 weeks in 2003 springs to mind

    and sodexho are not getting my sodding money
  8. I've looked through that 2007DIN02-075. My gripe with it is that it doesn't once mention Reserve Forces. The entire thrust of the DIM is regular through and through.
  9. When are you off to Bicester then? Not 15th next month by any chance?
  10. next week
  11. Nope.

    But the applicability of the DIN refers back to JSP 754 which details Regs and TA.
  12. That's an interesting point, tackled by StabTiffy.

    In addition, can a DIN/JSP change TA Regs? I don't think so. In the hierarchy of things, I would have thought you have the Reserve Forces Act at the top, TA Regs one rank below, and DINs, JSPs and other administrative notices below that.

    I imagine some JPA/PAYD wallah will know the actual score about whether members of the TA pay for scoff when on courses. If they set out their answer here, I'd appreciate it if they explained how the DIN/JSP trumps TA Regs.

    *edited because StabTiffy answered one of my points
  13. i thought TA regs had been amended on 1st of july aswell or was I being misled by the Permanant staff of my Sqn
  14. What JSP 754? I can find JSP 752 which seems to cover allowances but no JSP 754......
  15. Apologies for my absence people. I was made to do some work.

    There's a relevant phrase here. Something to do with arrses, elbows and the inability to distinquish the difference.


    Are you calling me a 'wallah'?

    Not sure on that one. Although it is a good point. I just read the paperwork and do as I'm told.