PAYD again - "Troops wages docked for food"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Oct 13, 2008.

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  2. And so it begins to unravel and fall apart.........
  3. I think when it does fall apart there will be an awful lot of "I told you so" flying about.
  4. I was going to say that it beats me why on earth they ever did away with

    the Camp cookhouse and the ACC. Money of course.

    How much can they have saved? We had six or seven cooks. If we

    were in camp they cooked in the cookhouse, if we we were on ex or

    ops, they cooked in the field. All found, no money changing hands.

    The only bug in the system was the Orderly Officer coming around and

    saying "Any complaints'? and if you tried to answer, the Orderly Sgt.

    shouted "Shut up, shut up" Apart from that, good system.
  5. Would have made sense to me to have had a 'swipe card' system where you were swiped for each meal you ate and billed the following month direct from source - no-one would have been in a position where they could not afford food then.

    Too easy? Not in NAAFI interests? Hmmmmm
  6. This is, as usual, a bit of a non story from the gentlemen of the press. Soldiers having their wages 'docked' does, I suggest, refer to the 'hungry soldier' scheme whereby Tom can have the cost of his food deducted from source after he's spunked all his cash in millionaires weekend. Nothing new and has always been part of the scheme.

    But, WTF? Hungry Soldier scheme? The portion control that goes on? All ranks restaurants at the weekends because it's too expensive for the contarctors to keep three messes open? And this is just the thin end of the wedge.

    It's all very well saying that we now only pay for what we eat but we also now pay for a contactors profit. So how can that be as good a deal as loading your plate at the one or two meals you did make it to?

    But the Senior Officer who gets wheeled out in the letters pages of Soldier mag every time there's a complaint, usually from a SNCO, about PAYD says there is no problem and Tom loves it. Why? Because when the ROO/ROS gives it the "Everything Alright?" spiel every mealtime the boys are too busy filling their heads to want to give an opinion. So it's "Yes sir, fcuk off sir" and the management think everything's sunshine.

    And breathe.
  7. It wont be allowed to unravel and fall apart, it HAS to work. This is a widely held view, from what i can gather. The thing is, troops, especially ones in their teenage years, have used cookhouses before because, with regards to paying for meals, it was out of sight-out of mind. They didnt "physically" pay for the meals,so the cookhouse was used as normal. Now that they have a choice of whether to tip up to scoff at teatime or go to Mcdonalds or the Pizza shop, they choose the fast food option, even though they probably spend about a fiver more by having fast food. :? Teen logic more than anything else. I agree with the other poster, swipe cards should have been looked at, but then they would still forget to top'em up :roll:
  8. And in certain quarters deservedly so. How many people on this site, only a few years ago, were shouting about why they shouldn't be forced to pay for meals when they didn't eat them under the old scheme and were demanding that they be allowed a form of what is now known as 'PAYD'? Of course, 'listening to the serviceman', the Labour Party saw an ideal opportunity to save a buck.

    There were quite a few posters of old, who predicted the outcome and if they are now telling Joe Squaddie "I told you so", I think that for once, that it's warranted. It's nobody else's fault but 'your' own. You got what you asked for, and for once, the MoD were only too happy to give it to you.

    You were far better off under the old system.
  9. What would it actually cost to eat three square meals a day with PAYD ??
  10. Who else benefitted from those interests though? That same firm also went as far as to ensure that it held the monopoly inside barracks, by 'convincing' Senior Officers, that there was no room for the 'competition'. Hence, the demise of those little shops who served the Army for decades and provided a far better service than NAAFI will ever be capabe of.

    The whole issue of PAYD had 'Money Grabbing B*stards' written all over it.
  11. More than it did under the old scheme, but you'll need a Master Chef to give you the figures.
  12. In theory, if you were to eat three PAYD meals a day it would cost the same as the old daily food charge. Of course this takes no account of portion size. So the days when you could take as many veg or as much bread as you like to fill up are long gone.
  13. Pay as you dine - or save as you starve?
  14. I keep getting deja vue over this...

    Anybody remember NAAFI getting the chogie shops shut down in NI...

    The really stupid thing about PAYD and contracterisation of the support services, it that effectively you loose this capability from the "real" Army...

    No cooks in barracks, no cooks in the field..

    When will someone realise that Armys are about capablity - in particularly the capability to operate when everything else has gone to ratsh1t...

  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    With a swipe card there should be no need to top it up, it could be deducted at source but then again we could have the old system back, I cant see sodexho in Sangin rustling up proper pasties as our Sloppie would in Macrory Park!