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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by vampireuk, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. Yet another thread on PAYD, however I actually support the idea. Having seen it implemented at Bordon and seen the extra increase of money in my bank and having the choice of where I want to sodding eat I've been quite impressed, mainly because I never use the cookhouse these days. A problem now however is that the unit I am at these days is not PAYD and I still don't use the cookhouse. Accomodation has a cooking area that I use, so now I'm cooking for myself and ending up over £100 a month worse off for a facility I don't use. Having approached the admin side of the unit I was told "unlucky, start using the cookhouse". Anybody know if there is anyway I can stop paying for a facility that I don't use or is it really a case of wait until PAYD is implemented.
  2. Yes, get married and move into a quarter.

    Move out of barracks.

    Move to a PAYD Unit.

    Other than that - not many other options :D
  3. I'm interested in saving money, so marriage is out of the question. :p
  4. I thought you could opt out.
  5. Vampire, i'm pretty much in the same situation, upon asking my Admin staff if i could 'opt out' they said no (funny that) They did suggest, however, that i put in an early posting request (or whatever JPA calls them now) to a unit which is PAYD.

    I hate being told when to eat, and i'm to ugly to get married!!
  6. If there was an option to opt out we wouldn't have PAYD!
  7. Where are you? It is only a matter of time before all locations go PAYD, try to find out through your G4 chain when your unit is scheduled for it? It may be just months away (or worst case if your one of the last units 2011!)
  8. And in the meantime.... er, how about you eat in the cookhouse occaisionaly?

    If you want to save money that badly, you could easily eat Breakfast and Lunch in there. Then Eat Dinner when you wanted.

    What is so wrong with the Cookhouse? And why is it wrong to have set meal times? Is it too conformist or something? :D
  9. does this also mean we will see less 24hr rations on ebay when PAYD becomes implemented everywhere
  10. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hah, to me,
    is the best case scenario.

    However, as I now have detailed plans for a Breakfast Bap service at the weekends, using our new kitchens in our Z-Type accomodation, PAYD should allow my customer base to increase dramatically. :) Bring on the competition.
  11. Hmm. Fair one. :oops:
  12. Kind of missing the point there mate, there is nothing wrong with the cookhouse at all, I've used it whilst on duty before and it's pretty damn good. But I just like to cook for myself personally. :)
  13. I get that.

    But if there is nothing wrong with the cookhouse, and you are paying regardless of whether you are eating in it or not, then why not eat in there?

    On occaison.