Hi people, I rejoined the army after having a 4 year break, Alls good rejoined fine but the 1st months pay was a joke, i was paid as a recruit 887 in the bank that's over in Germany too my mistake as i did take a car over so had insurance to pay and pay to cancel insurance policies. I thought it was all sorted, after going into my units pay office about 60 times, told i would get back pay as i should be on Level 7 TPR pay. So they offered me a advance of pay which i took, as i had easter leave in a weeks time all happy. Or so i thought until today, when i looked at my bank account i have been paid fine minus that Advance of pay but no backpay! im in a right mess had things to pay for car maint work. i know theres nothing you guys can do but i need to voice it. :x MEH!!!
If they have sorted this out this month then the back log of pay will be done on the Retro Pay run on the 04 Apr 08. Have your unit HR take a look then and see if you have the back pay.
yeah they agreed they need to pay me back pay, but because i didnt flag up my pay issue 1st thing march the back pay wont be paid till 30th april. Thats off Jpac, i need to get in touch with my units pay office to get another advance of pay but i tried ringing them lots ealier and no one is there suprise suprise. Its bad coz i need to get back to germany and i have 50 quid to do it lool. i am buggered even if i d get a advance i dont see how it will help been as im in England on leave and my units in germany. :cry:

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