Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by draisey2271, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. hi weird place to ask a question but someone told me to ask it here as alot of people are on here and i need a quick answer i joined the army a month ago and today is my first pay day ive got my pay statement but theirs no money in my bank any knows what might have gone wrong cheers
  2. welcome to the army 17yrs, the only thing that has been constant has been my pay fcuk ups....
  3. Might go in tonight at midnight mate. But have to agree with Goon, iv'e been in 16yrs and I don't think my pay has ever been correct.
  4. any ideas on what i should do i cnt get through to the RAO
  5. Two questions first:

    1. What Pay Date does it state on your pay slip? (it's at the top right side)

    2. What is the Payment? (it's on the rightside half way down)
  6. I have looked on Army net at my account and it states that today is pay date, therefore I believe it will go in at midnight.
  7. 31/12/07
  8. It should be in sometime today then.
  9. ok cheers
  10. Yes draisey, it will go in at Midnight tonight 31/12/07.

    Check your account after midnight if your on the sauce!
  11. will do my 18th birthday in the morning
  12. i'm with Lloyds, mine had cleared yesterday....never really got to grips with the whole payday understanding was that pay clears on last worling day of month....well, that wasn't yesterday!
  13. best you hope it goes in then.....nothing worse than a dry 18th birthday!! 8O
  14. tell me your account details and i will keep an eye on it for you ;)
  15. lol im with lloyds to jpa's crap im a rejoiner when it was apc i never had problems with it