Discussion in 'REME' started by daddyjambo, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Are REME VM's on the higher or lower pay band?
  2. Craftys are on Low band, then high band from lance jack to sgt.
    Artisans on Low band and Tiffys on high.
  3. Brilliant cheers pal, I said I would find out for my brother in-law, he's thinking of going for REME.
  4. The REME were shafted as a result of paycut 2000 :x

    We do as many, if not more op tours as any Arm or Service yet our pay does not reflect this unfortunately :cry:

  5. Never has a truer word been said!!!
  6. I think the main problem is that "in general" in REME you get a trade that can be transferred to Civvy street. If they do not pay REME enough to stay in when they are trained they will leave.
    That is why we used to have "tech pay" etc.....

    The op tour "tax free" bonus covers you whatever trade you are.