Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by d12gnr, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. has anyone with a 300 number recieved any pay through thier bank yet?
  2. NO! JPA hasn't payed me properly since I joined up.
  3. One of my lads with a 300 number recently received a large wad of cash :D
  4. Rocked up in Jan, attested in May first paid in June and also every month since.

    Completely random amounts, however.

    Love to be able to work out what pay was for what training, but it makes the first of the month all the more fun!

    Better than last time I was in - no pay at all for nearly a year and then told that I'd been overpaid, so had to give a fair wedge back. Then to be told six months later that they'd the overpayment wrong after all and gave it me all back again, plus another lump of cash.

    JPA works for me, but then I'm a Rockape and the clerks and CoC seem to realise that being paid is something close to the hearts of most people!
  5. Attested May, got paid Julys and yea i have
  6. nope, attested may no money yet!!
  7. Big fat no >:|
  8. Last night at MOB EX i recieved my first pay slip, August. it says ive been paid 0.00 lol

    mind you it also says ive been paid 80quid to date, mmmm dont remeber seing that on my bank statement....
  9. been paid once quarter day
    other than that no pay since transfering from regs may 06 owed about 75 days pay plus 40 odd 100 mile round trips

    i really really dont do it for the money
  10. Been paid three lots of RPOD allowance... £17 for 4 months hard graft? Cheers, ya bastards...
  11. Nope, 8 months now, spoke to pay clerk and keep getting told they will look into it and get back in touch. (never hear back, and when i contact them i get same response)

    Having to save up to cover loss of wages when i do my two weeks.

    I have had pay slips for the past three months, each with a zero.
  12. Exactly the situation I'm in
  13. its always the same when you see the clerks to try and sort somethin out for you. they are just not really interested. bet there own pay is ok though.

    your best bet is to go straight to the pay clerk (sgt, wo2) or whoever it may be for ur unit. if no joy go and see RAO.
  14. Looked at online banking and it shows ive been paid (as from 1 oct) which is good news, hope you other chaps have had something sorted.
  15. The pay for September will be in the bank tomorrow. If you have not been paid I would go directly to your PSAO or OC and ask why. If the money is not there and you need money they can arrange and Emergency Payment In Cash which is then deducted from your pay. There is now only one pay run a month for TA personnel so if it is not there tomorrow it won't be there until 1 Nov at earliest.