i have re joined the regs after being out 2 years and 8 months, i have just finished my week of MATS and have a posting order,because the pay office is closed to update to jpa no one can give me an answer on my pay band, i left a lvl 9 Lcpl on the higher rate (sup con) i have kept my rank so i take it i keep my 9 year increment,the only thing is do i keep my higher rate status? now that its (supplier) and not sup spec -sup con, i know that sup cons that are now suppliers are still on the higher rate any help on this would be great thanks in advance.
Former Sup Con's, will mark time until the pay levels meet up. But as you've now signed a new contract with the Army you might have signed as a Supplier and be on the lower band, as since you've been out, your not really being protected by losing money.
thanks but i have not had to sign any terms of service i was told its a continuation of service infact i have not signed a thing just got taken off reserve and transfered back to colours and its been only 1 year and 9 months since i left i got the dates wrong in my main question ,so surely ill still be on my last pay scale.

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