Hi all you pros out there.

I am a very disgruntled soldier who has been hit in the pocket due to a blunder by a pay SSgt. Can anyone help? I was given some extra time to serve and put on continuance.... great you may think! Not for me as i was reduced by 1 rank and placed on mark time rates of pay! Do we get the annual increase awarded by the government? i know we don't get the increment! As they did not action the reduction and placing me on mark time rates until my increment was due they hit me with a deduction of £1810 even though this was wrong. (dates were wrong didn't take into account my increment that i legally recieved prior to reverting) It all went pear shaped....... This was back in Nov 05 and i have just finished paying the so called money that i owe, but no one seems to be acting on my pay issue.... apparently its gone from Glasgow to Worthy Down but no one seems to want to sort it out!!!!!!! P*ssed off because i wanted a holiday this year!!!!!!!!!

Anyone one know the rules on continuance!!??? Help please as i recon i am £2500 out of pocket!!!!!!!
Not knowing all the details of your case I can't really offer too much help but I can confirm that mark time rates of pay are exactly that; no rises whatsoever until the rate of pay in your new rank catches up or until the end of a set time, normally two years when you revert to the rate of pay for the new rank and take whatever cut this produces. you are welcome to PM more info if you want me to do a bit more digging.
When you were given your continuanace you should have also received a letter from the APC telling you what the terms were - ie. that you would mark time on pay and revert in rank. If you did not get this then I would redress. If you did get this then you should have noticed that you were receiving the wrong pay and done something about it.

It all hinges on what you had in writing.

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