started training with the TA fcuking love it, but have a 160 mile round trip to the TA centre plus the £80 worth of injections I have to get, how long have anyone had to wait before you've started to get paid ish


It’s always a lottery when it comes to first getting paid.
Why have you had to pay £80 for injections?

The only injection you need is meningitis and that’s free on the NHS.
Wait and get deployed, you will get all your jabs done for free


jepprob87 said:
huh they told me to get hep yellow fever an typhus as well
If you are 25 or under then you need the meningitis jab before you start your 2 weeks recruits course.
That jab is free on the NHS.

There are no other jabs you need to join the TA.

Do you really think we’d make potential recruits pay £80 before they join?
We have enough trouble with recruiting as it is.
What mong told you to get those jabs?
its a bit complicated we're going out to albania for a contiuous recruit cadre they said they'd refund us so i'm not to fussed i'm just curious as to how long it had taken for other peoples pay to start comin though


Fair enough.

You’re probably looking at a couple of months before you're first paid.
The delay is a pain in the arrse, but on the plus side your first pay packet will have about 2 or 3 months pay in it – which is nice :D
I think i'm on the same course with you jepprob87. Are you going on 1st of July?

In regard to jabs.. call your doctors and they'll book you in to see the nurse in the travel clinic at the surgery.

I've just had..

Hep A & B
Meningitis A, C, W and Y

All the above are free of charge on the NHS!

Yellow Fever is £45 though - but get an expenses claim form from the unit and you'll have the funds back in your account within a week.

You should get paid from the end of july (i think)

Monkey 8)
Seems to be a common confusion that prior to CMS(R) you must have had all vaccinations on the form, what you MUST do is have a doctor state on the form whether you have received them.
Do they not do that during your medical? I had mine all done in one go, as does everyone else when they go for theirs, what a bonus!! Plus, we get top-ups as and when required! (I think you have to have the typhoid boosted if you haven't had one within 6 months - until you complete basic? Then annually after that.)
sorry guys the main thrust of this thread was how long it took for pay to come through due to the largeish commute to an from the TA centre
Sorry, we digress.

Your travel to and from MTDs is usually paid in the following paycycle. (i.e. June's MTDs paid in July etc). As for the injections cost, we were debating whether you should actually have to front the money for them!? If you do, the waiting time for reimbursement can be limitless - but usually within two months. (Once you start getting paid that is).

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