If a person goes from being a WO1 to the appointment of RSM of a minor unit, does his pay change or stay the same?

My neighbour who is a RSM says it changes but my pay clerk (who, dispite being stunningly attractive with a sense of humour, is often wrong) says the pay stays the same.

Any serious help is much appreciated and any pish-taking will be much appreciated also.


err, its not for me gov!!
Well the Employment qual of RSM (Minor) is Lower Range. So if he is being paid on the lower Range nothing will change. If his trade is in the Higher Range then he will still be paid for that trade and not the lower band for RSM (minor).
If he is posted to be RSM of a major unit he will be entitled to higher range. It could be that he is already higher range by virtue of his trade so his pay will not change. He may be on the lower range and be posted to a job within his trade again his pay will not change- he needs to confirm where he stands with his own RAO - advice given here can only be general advice as full facts are not known!! - If you want to confirm advice given by RAO you are more than welcome to PM.

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