Discussion in 'ACF' started by barnezy349, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    I'm a new bod, and have some questions about pay (because I'm seriously skint and hoping that the 10 PTDs i'm owed are coming soon to help me out nicely)

    1. Is CFAV pay the same rates as TA pay? I read a doc from bde saying that 2Lt/Lt both get £70ish (although everything else I've been told/read says different?) Can someone confirm current rate for 2Lt?

    2. Is payday for ACF/CCF the same day? Or does it vary by location, etc? Would anyone be able to enlighten me as to when payday is?

    I wouldn't normally give a toss about cadet pay just it's gonna come in handy when I eventually get it because I'm having *some* cashflow issues right now... :/! And yes....I'm CCF before anyone asks...(although I will hopefully also be ACF soon..)

    Any help appreciated guys, thanks in advance.

  2. CCF 2Lt = £59.81
    CCF Lt = £71.85

    ACF rates are the same
  3. Pay is uploaded from Westminster to JPA and when you are paid is dependant on this.
  4. Its not un-related to TA/Reserve or Reg pay (daily rate for rank without x-factor is the formula, AIUI) but there is now a separate CFAV scale for ATC/ACF/CCF pay. Some still have reserved rights from older pay deals so some are on mark time and are getting more than others, but the fact that the rates are now on a separate scale probably means any equivalence will be eroded sooner or later.

    Pay in the cadet forces is meant to defray the costs incurred by being a CFAV, and should not be seen as income. I have done a days duty (London to Bristol, to collect IT kit) on the agreement that county will pay for the fuel in my car and a pub lunch rather than submit a PTD claim. Expect more of this as the pot runs out after annual camp each and every august.
  5. Why happy for ACF soon? You not like working with the intellectual elite lol
  6. INTELLECTUAL doesn't cover most of the kids we have....never mind elite. Still, good bunch though.
  7. to be honest i think most of my acf pay whan i get it is gonna go on stuff to help assit the cadets (and those cadets we have that have money troubles), eg boots and kit for camps. i know its not down to me but i like to think of it as the start of a buterfly effect.
  8. All very noble but there are usually county funds for cadets who can't afford camp fees, even to the extent of spending money so they can go and eat there own bodyweight in Monster Munch and Haribo in the NAAFI.

    I have bought small items of kit for my det's own 'PRI' shop, when I've been able to source it cheap. Sold at cost plus a bit more, things like trouser twists, para cord, thermos flasks, parade gloss, metal mugs etc; All (meagre) profits to the det.

    But DO NOT LEAVE YOURSELF OUT OF POCKET. Because that is a slippery slope.