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  1. Was talking to my recruiter today asked him a question that he couldnt give me a straight answer to .

    How much money after training will i actually have in my bank account to spend on what i want ??

    Just i have a pony car at the moment when going to battalion would like to upgrade to make the motorway driving more easier and pleasurable thanks Whm......
  2. It depends on how much you spend during training?? Is this what you mean or are you talking about monthly?

  3. Sorry mate i just meant a rough idea in general , I'm not a big drinker at all so wouldn't think i'll spend that much.

    If so could you give me an idea on both please much appreciated Whm
  4. its around 700 a month during training and around 850 after, so work it out!

  5. Thanks mate thats what i needed ......
  6. the pay cant be that low can it u can earn about £1500-2000 a month working in a duff call centre nowadays

    Am a bit dissapointed that the pay has not been increased :?
  7. £2000 a month? Wait till you get full Corporal before you think of wages like that!

    Try this for size:


    Then see if being a call centre worker is better. Remember just to put a roof over your head costs on average £1000 a month in London unless you really do want to live somewhere like Brixton.

    For pay see this:


    It's a bit out of date so just add a little for two years inflation.
  8. Finding this out has put me off, dont think i could make a decent living out of they wages i'll need to go talk this over with my gf and also talk to CO again. Hope ur just messing but cause there 16yr olds wages not adults :eek:
  9. Like someone has said it depends on how much you spend through Basic training/leave.
  10. cheap housing, cheap food, free dental, no prescription charges, bonus, LOA ,free uniform, cheap beer naafi, rail warrants,

    I was on 400 a month when I joined up, dont be stupid, as soon as you qualify and do a tour that is when the money rolls in.

    You will be comfortable but not living the life of a popstar. You are guaranteed work for four years what civvy can say that.
  11. That call centre money is I presume is before tax and deductions? Also most people will big it up when telling you what they actually earn in thoose sort of jobs. How are you unemployed if it's all so easy? If you live in a city, exensive rents/to buy; if you commute, expense.

    Job stability has to mean something, and you'll not get that with some tacky call centre, and your only travel opportunities will probably be to relocate to somewhere like Mumbai and live cheaply over there on local wages! As the English spoken in cheap labour countries improves, British call centres will die.

    Do some simple sums.

    You can add to what Armadillo has posted; if you'e good you should be able to serve longer, any any decent length of time, you'll get really good chances of training/education both in service and when you leave.

    Just looking at some of your other posts, I wouldn't get hung up on
    supplements etc for training. Eat good food and get fit and the strength you have will probably take you through- loads of guys do the build-up thing without enough knowledge and do more harm than good.
  12. last job i was earning 30,000+ a year, so if i do rejoin again its not working out much better than if i was on benefits which guess explains alot about how much the gov respect soldiers
  13. If you're on 30k a year why you even thinking of joining up over the last 5 years I've earned between 15k and 22k average per year yet even I can work out that 16k basic soldier pay pisses all over that once you start thinking deductions etc.
  14. look at re enlisting bonuses and depending on how long you been out you might keep rank etc .... but then again if you have to do basic again you prob wont be entitled to any of it, sucks to be you
  15. This is after all deductions. I clear just over 2000 a month now and I have been in a fair few years.