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  1. Why is the pay for our boys and girls so crap? is it true that in basic it is only £750 per month?
  2. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

  3. joining the best army in the world, and money to train for it, seems a fair deal to me
  4. realy? when you have people sitting in offices making 10 times more and the only risk they have is if they wear the wrong tie?
  5. Tell me which office and I will apply!
  6. Can someone explain the differences between lower and higher band for me?

  7. Bugger that Pussycat, tell ME which office, and I will apply!!!
  8. Higher band is for Combat and Techincal trades i think, lower band is everything else.

  9. I see in one of your other posts, you "view with envy those already serving", but now you appear to be griping about the pay. I doubt anyone has forced you to join and I'm sure you have never been under any illusion that squaddies are all very wealthy.

    You will soon realise that your disposable income is far greater than that of most of your civilian peers. Don't moan about it, work hard, get promoted and get it spent
  10. You don't join the the best Army in the world for mega bucks salary, if thats what your after i suggest you look for a different career. You should want to join the Army and be a Soldier because you want to be the best, making the best mates you will ever have, seeing the world and living a proud, respectful life.
  11. I see what you did there :D
  12. I think in this current climate of lack of jobs in civvy strasse, people getting made redundant without notice and unemployment rapidly increasing under Liebour our wages arent too bad.

    Over £1000 a month for a trained soldier, free dental care and medicals, pensions paid, physio, opticians and some of the other X factor items soon add up. When we go on tour you get approx £2100 back in tax payment and LSSA so look at all these things before you say about crap wages. Yes I want more money and in certain situations probably deserve more but i look back over the last 22 years at the ammount of times the Army has paid me to play football, rugby and Athletics and sent me Kayaking, canoeing free of charge and paid me ....its not a bad life.

    Everyones got the choice....its not conscription if you dont like the wage dont join up....theres always McDonalds and the Salvation Army instead.

    To answer the Higher , lower pay band question, depending on what job you do, what rank you are you will get streamed onto either tier...you could be on a higher pay band at one rank for a certain trade and then get promoted and move to lower pay band but can never lose money (you have to go up I think at least 2% on promotion. You get two pay rises a year the governments (normal 2.8% rise with inflation) in April and once youve been in over a year you will get another pay increment that moves you up the levels in each tier.

    Oh how good PAYCUT 2000 was :(((
  13. Wow wow wow, my comment has been blown out of proportion. Im simply saying for the work our army does in risking thier lives the pay is not enough as does other trades such as firemen ect. I make 23000 a year just now, im not chasing the the money but the dream. in no way what so ever am i entailing that the army is not for me, nor am i discriminating it. i know the perks and i want to be there so as i have a stable career for my daughter, i want a purpose to wake upto my job rather than just for money, i want something greater that can not compare with civvy street. so please do not for one minute ridicule me for making a comment in relation to a price on peoples lives! its a known fact our boys are underpayed, under respected and credit is nowhere near given enough to where its due. now you can have fat politicians, office workers, bank managers ect get paid more for thier services than what they are realy worth. do you think any of them have saved lives or put thier lives at risk? now you shall see that the point i was making was nothing other than our boys should be on more pay for what they do. and aswell someone mentioned its not about money? wonder if you would do the job for free and save the army some money so as it would maybe hush the government? no? didnt think so!
  14. Just reading through the post again. Honestly this has been taken in the wrong context guys. Im going to apologise for the way the first comment appeared to seem. Again it was not moaning about the pay, it was more aimed with bitterness towards people who do next to nothing and get paid more. Surely our lives and qualification equal more than just thier qualifications alone? again sorry people. dont want to be kown as an arrse on here.
  15. Yes people do earn more, And we do need a decent pay rise.
    However the extra we get Cheap rent/w factor/no utility bills for singlies all of this makes a big difference.
    I live in a two bedroom house and pay 67 quid a month!!!! you wont get that in civvy street!