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  1. ive been informed about what wages i would get but when looked on the army website to see what other ranks get it has a higher and lower pay spine and then levels?
    ive looked around the site but am unsure what this all means does anyone know what it does mean or how to work out were you'l be on it and move up through it?
    i know wages are the last thing should be thinking about when just joinin but hay money makes the world go round!
  2. Jobs are ranked into Higher and lower pay bands, simple really.

    Levels are based on time in rank hope that helps.

    Some jobs change bands depending on Rank too
  3. It's all in the JSP 464, which will mean nothing to you, but it's all about relating Job worth amoungst many other factors to amount of pay in any one given rank. Tell me what you're joining and what trade you're going to be and I'll give you your 'spine' tommorrow when I open up the bible.
  4. thanks jt9563, im looking to join royal signals as a electronic warfare systems operator
  5. HAHA! really? me 2
    im starting phase 1 in march :D
  6. Sig = Lower
    LCpl = Higher
    Cpl = Higher
    Sgt = Higher
    SSgt = Lower

    Each level within the spine represents a years seniority in that rank.

    level 1 = 0-1 year
    level 2 = 1-2 years

    etc etc.

    There are ways to bump this up in the early stages of you career by doing your class 2 and class 1 trade training too. But that's all a bit too in depth at your stage I fear.

    Hope this helps.
  7. im going to be joining up as a royal engineer/ general fiiter (machnical) what spine of pay is this and is the promotion track fast or slow?
  8. Hehe, I'm going to end up posting the whole lot soon. anyway;

    Higher pay band across the board except SSgt for ME FTR MACH.

    Same applies for moving up within each rank, 1 year seniority in rank = +1 in that spine. How fast you jump from rank to rank, is all you :)