Pay your TV license monthly!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Just transfered from the old "go to the post office, pay your annual tv license" to setting it up online. Decided pay monthly is perfect, as I don't want to pay all at once as I'll only be in my next house 10 months.
    So, take £135 (a rip off) and divide through by 12... or not, because their definition of pay monthly is:

    The full cost of your TV Licence (currently 5 Payments of £27.10 ) will be collected on a monthly basis by Direct Debit.

    That, to me anyway, is not a monthly collection.

    Why is everything run by imbiciles?
  2. Apparently you spend 6 months paying for this year and then the other 6 months paying for next year. Your payments then go down to about £13 per month. It is the legality to ensure that you are not watch TV for a whole year without having paid for a whole years worth of licence.

    You would have to speak to a person knowledgeable in licence law to explain further.

  3. msr

    msr LE

    Because it is run by Crapita.

  4. That seems very very stupid indeed. If you're billed in advance per month then you're paying the fee due. I'm not paying 2 years worth of license this year, that's a huge cost!
  5. Just don't pay the barsteward thing at all...and then sit back and enjoy the show when an African (with the slimmest grasp of the English language) turns up at the door of your MQ, gibbering about "you must pay bill".....I had a right giggle upstairs while the wife tried to fob him off with the "we've got one at our other house" line.

    Didn't work, BTW. Had to transfer one and buy another one for the other, almost-permanently empty house!
  6. it's a strange one eh?
    I still go for DD tho' less hassle all round
  7. It is however more cost efficient for your friends at Capita. Those few extra pence can go towards funding the Labour party coffers....

  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    How about paying the 'monthly' payment for 6 months...then cancel the direct debit...could be fun. Set up a new one next year...
  9. If we have to pay for a whole year's worth of licence, why can't we get money back for "repeats"? Or "another chance to see's"?

    Surely this would bring the actual bill down to about 99p or so?
  10. Turn television off. Unplug television. Open window. Throw the fcuking thing out of the aforementioned. Read more books. Sorted.
  11. This 'Crapita' mob aren't they the mob who pay our pensions? The boss (given some 'honour' by the dishonourable Bliar) is a Liarbour party supporter and donor - correct ?

    Smelly ? Could all just be coincidence I suppose.

    Considering the 'African' with poor English, I had occasion to complain about the treatment meted out to an 87 year old friend of mine, by an African in St George's Hospital Tooting. I was told ' is difficult as he can't speak English.....'.

    The Immigration 'police' would have a field day in St G's Tooting in my opinion.
  12. The only good thing about it Crabby is when your posted you just phone them and they will just change the address of your new Married Quarter or refund the money if your posted to Germany/abroad. Does sound sh*te at first but have had two moves over the years since I set DD up and it is an easier system for squaddies moving all the time.
  13. Ahh, but if he has a modern computer, the chances are that the screen is "a device capable of receiving a television signal" (or however they word it).
  14. I'm curious. Here in the states we don't have to pay for TV, well, that is unless you get cable.

    But the question is, do you pay to have the TV or to receive transmissions? What happens if you don't pay? Do they come and repo your tv? How do they know you have one, do you fill something out in order to buy it?

    What if you just hook it to a dvd player and only watch that?

    How does this work?
  15. ghost_us,

    The BBC is ran using our TV licence fee. All people who own a TV must have a licence (generally 1 per household). Basically each address that has a TV licence is left alone but attention is paid to those who don't have one or when a licence runs out - IIRC it's a £1000 fine if you own a TV but have no licence. Hooking your TV to a DVD player or saying its just an ornament doesn't make any difference as you could use the TV to receive a signal.