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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by line-god, Mar 27, 2003.

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  1. What do you think about pay within the signals??
  2. well once again the pay review has just come out!

    And once again most of the trade's have been robbed.

    if you take a look at the job every trade does and the knowledge and time we've had to take in during trade training (except the new drivers) sorry no offense.

    how can the army justify giving the infantry the high bad pay? ok, i would have to agree when there in a war zone as the job they have to do. Why should people study these days when the armd forces pay the infantry on the high band. could this be the reason why the Royal signals is going down hill and has been for many years now?

    i think the armd forces should reconsider the Royal Signals pay, and pay every trade on the high band system. They may find that more people will join the Royal Signals and make up the numbers that they are down. what do you think???
  3. Am ex-signals, and now infantry.  Several reasons as to why the infantry get paid at the higher band.  The training when all is said and done is long enough in itself.  Once each and every phase is completed you're talking the guts of 9-10 months in some cases just to bring a brand new infantryman up to basic standard prior to posting to his battalion.  Also, promotion is awarded to those that can command, not simply based on trade skills.  It's a recruitment and retention issue at the end of the day.
    Don't begrudge the infantry their wages, they work hard enough for it, in peacetime, and especially on operations.
  4. It was agreed at this years pay review that signals should get a higher band than currently available.  However as the current pay system does not allow this as the computers can't handle it they brought in the financial incentive bonus for doing nearly every Trade course at Blandford. Even Class 3 get 2.5k, Class 1, 5k and Supervisor/YofS/FofS 10k.  Bit unfair on those of us who are Class 1 already.  Just another kick in the ass for the old timers.
    Glasgow get your stupid computers sorted and make it fair for everyone, for once in the history of the British Army.
  5. I personally believe the fundamental floor is that you cannot adequately cover all the trades etc within the Army with just two pay bands.  Everyone can, and will, justify their own pay or have reasons why they should be paid more ..... an obvious thing to consider from the Signals point of view is 'Why dont we get comms pay??'.  

    These financial incentives are, as has been said, a farce.  Everything seems to be directed towards those that are joining the forces and those already in are forgotten about as usual, what they seem to be blind to is the retention issue.  I believe that is a far bigger problem than the recruitment issue, please tell me if im wrong.

    Anyway, im gonna get down from my soap box now and let someone else have a rant.
  6. Well i'm glad a few of yourselfs agree with this issue.

    As normal it's a con and at the end of the day why would the bosse's up above care, there one there juicy wage packet.
    Shame there isn't a union i bet we would have a decent pay then!  
  7. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Must admit this kind of crap has been going on for years and it wouldnt surprise me if things changed again just about the time i am about to get a bonus and lose out yet again.
  8. I totally agree with Harry.

    How can you go from a system that had multiple levels of pay to a 2 tier system?  I believe the only way around it is to give specialist pay bonuses for certain trades.

  9. I agree with everything already said. It has been well documented that the Armys main problem is retention, not recruitment.
    What sort of message does it send out to those of us who are already class 1 when they reward the new guys but not us. Sounds like a 2 finger salute to me. Obviously if youve been doing the job for a while and showed loyalty by staying in(anybody else remember the mass exodus to Civvy comms companies in the late 90's) the Army don't need to give you incentive.
    As discussed in another forum the sprogs now a days are just not trained to standard, yet now we are told they are getting a pay incentive for getting class 3? Bunch of Arrse.
    Anybody fancy a military Coup? ;)
  10. I think we should do what the fire brigade did and strike.
    Or why dont we have a military rebellion. come on fellas weve got all the guns and s**t. no-one would stop us. f**king no ones got any guns apart from the cops but we can take them down.
    Lets do it lets have a military led government and then all the squaddies get paid loads. we will then get a massive budget and get kitted out with up to date new gear.
    then invade a s**t country like denmark or iceland.
    the future is bright. the future is green.
  11. Nah mate you got it all wrong......the futures bright all right but its orange!!the only way to a decent pay rise in this gaff is to move on! By the time the idiots in the Puzzle Palace in Glasgow catch on it'll be way too late. FRI's are helping retention apparently but we are still losing the old gits who know what they're doing. Oh well bring on the dancing horses... :twisted:
  12. :roll: Im on the lower pay band and Im perfectly happy

    Can anyone lend me a fiver?!?!?!?! :cry:
  13. Pay...tough one that. If you guys are so dis-chuffed with it why don't you leave?
  14. Pay is always a big whinge, nobody ever gets paid what they think they're worth (look at business fat-cats on million pound slaries).

    I've never really been bothered. I get enough to cover my debts and beer intake, and when I completely run out the Army still houses me and feeds me. You certainly can't say that for Civvy Street!

    But you're right, there's always too much month left at the end of my money...
  15. There aren't many people that can say that their pay hasn't increased - in real terms - since the start of Pay 2000. I myself have seen a £17 daily inc (inc promo). I an't complaining :)